The Bachelorette: Monday June 27

28 06 2011

I enjoyed the Bachelorette last night – no particular reason, just finally got a glimpse of some reality. (I know, I know, don’t choke on your coffee…I’ll explain.)

No it wasn’t that Bentley flew to Hong Kong to mumble 4 sentences to Ashley.
That was the least entertaining moment, and least ‘real’ moment on the show last night.

Here’s what I liked:

Ashley starting to ask some deeper questions of these men.

For instance, on the first one-one date with Lucas – she had him open up about his divorce.She asked Ryan about his job and what his life was really like. On her one-one date with JP she asked about what or who made him cry. Interesting, finally veering from the norm: “How beautiful is Hong Kong? Would you ever have expected…?”

I also enjoyed her one-on-one with JP. I think they are starting to really feel…right. I mean, they had easy conversation, she opened up to him FIRST about her encounter with Bentely and he took it very well, comforting her and not telling the other men. That’s key. As soon as you start sharing secrets, and trusting someone with keeping it… you’re on the right track. (oh, and I did want to mention…to the editoris, I get it. ‘We’re on the right track’ fits perfectly with being on a train, please, stop shoving literal ironies down my throat. Thanks)

At the Cocktail party – Ashley decided to tell the men as a group about her Bentely situation. I have a feeling, she didn’t realize how hard they would take it. Blake threw a fit and got extremely judgemental. Mickey got…moody and pouty. And Lucas was totally offended. Relax people. Blake told Ashley how he was feeling, until she broke down…then he relented. Mickey went as far as saying he wanted to leave, to which Ashley said… let me show you the door. Wow. This is what I like seeing though…as mean as it sounds. I like seeing men who decide, they can’t be forced to fall in love with someone just for a TV show, every once and a while, I love to see people make up their minds about someone, and decide they arent for them. Real life.

But Ashley stll had to eliminate someone, so when it came down to the final Rose… she sent Blake home.

I saw some real emotion out of Ashley last night, and judging by the promos, I don’t think that’ll be the last tear-fest we’ll see on this show. Oy Vey, this girl loves to cry. It must be her go-to dramatic crutch.


Mickey and Blake gone tonight, Bentely finally put to rest… did you agree with the way Ashley approached the situation?




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