SYTYCD Top 16: June 29

30 06 2011

Last night I was treated to my other favourite Summer indulgence show, SYTYCD.

The performances are heating up, reaching new levels of greatness, and this week filling the extra judges chair was the talented Kristin Chenoweth. Finally, a good fit for that extra seat (although, she may have needed a booster!) I kid I kid, if she did need a booster, she didnt need a microphone. OKay, I’m done with the short n’ shrill jokes.

On to the night of performances….

Sasha and Alexander danced a particularly interesting contemporary centred aound a piano and a ghost. It was beautiful, I love the partnership, I loved the story and the executionw as flawless. I thought Iwas seeing another classic…. but the judges were not raving as much as I was. Perhaps because it was the first dance of the night and they knew what was yet to come…but honestly, I thought it was a winner!

Caitlynn and Mitchell teamed up with Jean Marc Generoux for a samba. There was alot of hip action, there was some seriosuly fancy footwork and the judges went nuts. Both looked completely comfortable with the dance and brought sexy back to the dancefloor.

Miranda and Robert took on broadway with the queen of broadway in the house. Of course, they nailed it…hard. The judges were impressed mostly by Mirands’s legs (who can blame ’em?) and Roberts transformation as a hip hop dancer.

Melanie and Marko (the power couple) teamed up with ‘NappyTabs’ for a hip hop lyrical. And honestly, this team can do no wrong. They are strong, they are personable, they hit every piece bang on. Yes, they are defintely a power couple. NOt that NappyTabs doesnt produce great work, but often it is overshadowed by over-emotive contemporary pieces. Tonight, this pair made that dance rise to the top.

Ashley and Chris got jazz, and Chris didnt want to work with Sonja. Ouch. Like her hair or not, this woman is SO cool. Her dances are always inspired and tell a quirky, twisted story (and the costumes always rock!). In this case, the dancers were half zombie half human…Beetlesjuice inspired. I am waiting for Ashley to really break out and have a marquee performance, I’m not saying Chris is pulling her down…but that might just be the case.

Clarice and Jess are another couple I love to watch. This week, they picked a FoxTrot out of the hat, and I’m sure they werent overly excited. But they were able to make a charismatic, perfectly executed foxtrot that may have just stole the night. It certainly went over well with the judges! Jess dances with such personality, and his footwork is SO precise and Clarice is the perfect partner for him.

Ryan and Rickey were all tied up in thier contemporary. Literally. They were attached by a line, trying to break free. The idea was interesting, and the dance was very strong. I feel like contemporary pieces tend to get…stale. I don’t mean that I don’t like to watch them, just that I often forget them at the end of the night. Both are solid dancer, but both have been in the bottom for 2 weeks. I wonder…

Jordan and Tad had a naughty college inspired hip hop by Nappy Tabs. Again, very fun, very tongue-in-cheek…not sure it was the dance of the night. Jordan surprises me a bit – she dances with such sexuality, but when you listen to her speak she is very ‘young’ in her maturity. Tad has star potential, and I think we have yet to see the best from him.




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