SYTYCD Canada: Top 22

6 07 2011

Yes, I am watching two SYTYCD Franchises at the same time… SYTYCD Canada and the original, SYTYCD.

don’t judge.

I love this show, and each version has it’s own unique identifiers. ALthough, there is some crossover – like Mary Murphy standing in as a judge for the audition trip around Canada and finals stage in Toronto. The panel is in no way lacking in personality, with the bubbly Murphy, the charasmatic Jean-Marc, the fresh Luther Brown, the too-cool-for-school phenom Blake McGrath… quite a mix, but the relationships all work.

Last night, on SYTYCD Canada, the Top 22 was revealed and chosen from the remaining group of finalists in Toronto. Of course, we all thought it was going to be a Top 20…but those days are gone with so many talented artists showing up.

Here’s the Top 22 list, time to start picking your favourites!

Adam LoPapa (19), a jazz dancer from Woodbridge, Ont.
Carlena Britch (20), a hip-hop/locking dancer from Vancouver.
Cassandra Flammini (18), a jazz dancer from Toronto.
Christian Millette (28), a ballroom dancer from Montreal.
Denitsa Ikonomova (24), a ballroom dancer from Laval, Que.
Dwayne “Boneless” Gulston (23), a hip-hop/popping dancer from Toronto.
Geisha Chin (19), a contemporary dancer from Toronto.
François Pruneau (26), a ballroom dancer from Trois-Rivières, Que.
Joey Arrigo (19), a contemporary dancer from Newmarket, Ont.
Jordan Clark (19), a contemporary dancer from Tottenham, Ont.
JP Dubé (19), a hip-hop dancer from Montreal.
Kevin Howe (22), a contemporary dancer from Ottawa.
Lauren Lyn (24), a salsa dancer from Toronto.
Lindsay Leuschner (19), a contemporary dancer from Stouffville, Ont.
Matt Marr (20), a contemporary dancer from Quispamsis, N.B.
Melissa Mitro (23), a contemporary dancer from Richmond Hill, Ont.
Moses Layco (26), a contemporary dancer from Winnipeg.
Rodrigo Basurto (26), a hip-hop dancer from Toronto.
Shane Simpson (23), a jazz dancer from Thornhill, Ont.
Shelaina Anderson (20), a contemporary dancer from Edmonton.
Teya Wild (23), a hip-hop dancer from North Vancouver.
Yuliya Zavadska (29), a Latin dancer from Toronto.

So, the Canadian version is few weeks behind the American version, so not only can you watch 2 dance shows per week, the Canadian version will run well into the fall…a full summer of dance!

So, am I the only one watching BOTH versions?




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