SYTYCD: Top 14 July 6

7 07 2011

The Top 14 performed on last night’s SYTYCD.

The judges panel switched it up yet AGAIN adding a new ‘face’ Carmen Electra (with marginal association with dance) and an ‘old face’ in Travis Wall, a graduate of the SYTYCD program.

Why was Carmen Electra there? Seriously, I’m asking. The only reason I can think of in my ever-scheming TV-critical mind is that for some odd reason this season, Nigel has partnered with the Pussy Cat dolls. You’ll remember, the PCD ‘producer’ was on hand at a few audition stages…I was confused THEN! Carmen made it very clear that she was also a member, therefore giving her the right to sit on the panel. I’m still not putting two-and-two together on this one…I dont see the connection.

Back to last night

The first dance of the evening was a group dance – an all-boy contemporary. It was beautiful, and showed off the strengths of this year’s guys. It also gave another choreographer a chance to show HIS stuff… great piece. Don’t you find, with the absence of Mia Michaels, it opens the door for fresh choreographic talent to shine? Just saying…

Melanie and Marko started the night of competition on a seriously high note. I don’t think there is a stronger pair at this stage, they are both powerhouses that are breezing through new routines. The judges of course, had the same sentiment. It’s ridiculous how great such young dancers can be…

Sasha and Alexander were next with a Hip Hop routine that WASNT a NappyTabs. It did not go well. It was uneventful, it was soft, and it did not fit into their strengths as a couple. For some reason, there was a lack of connection to the piece. The judges called them out for it, and in a small way, embarassed the new choreographers for putting together something ‘rudimentary’.

Jordan and Tadd danced an etherial ballroom number – and as much as I don’t LOVE Jordan as a personality, she and Tadd danced very well last night. Tadd is someone to watch, he is a B-Boy who filled the role of a male ballroom dancer to a tee last night… incredible ability to adapt and learn.

Jess and Clarice were next with a hard hitting, contemporary piece. It was filled with sharp, staccato movements and great connection between the dancers. This is another very strong pairing, able to adapt from style to style. They both have grea personalities, and the judges said this was their best dance to date.

Ashley and Chris tried to pull off a ballroom, but were too far out of their elements. The judges gave them a luke warm response and review, it wasnt bad…but it wasnt the dance of the night.

Ryan and Ricky are also an impressive pair. We also learn that Ryan is close friends/student of Mia Michaels (the goddess of dance) so no wonder she has gone this route. They danced a jazz routine about fashion zombies?!?! It was exactly how it sounds, odd, unique, full of character.

Caitlynn and Mitchell got the ‘dance of the night’ card from the judges for their Mandy Moore piece. It was definitely strong, beautifully choreographed and emotional. Mary was screaming, the whole panel was crying… it was one of those moments.

The final dance of the night was the girls piece. We all know by now, that the girls are really showing up this season… and this dance proved it. The talent is electric, and the choreographers are LOVING it… yes, there is a strong female contingent this season.


Who were the dances of the night for you? Who will be in the bottom? Why the heck was Carmen Electra on the panel?




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