SYTYCD: Top 14 Results July 7

8 07 2011

SYTYCD has the BEST results shows. Not that I ever want to see people face elimination, with such incredible talent I’m often torn. But rather, they get to the meat of the evening quickl, they add in some relevant entertainment, and the judges (experts) maske the final call.

That’s the way it should be.

I was also pleased with the Carmen Electra No-Show. There was no discussion, she just wasnt there. Fine. She was the odd one out anyways.

Last night, the Top 14 eliminations took place.

Some obvious pairs landed in the bottom, such as AShley and Chris, Jordan and Tadd…and then the perrennial bottom dwellers, Ricky and Ryan. What is it about this pair that is disconnected with the voting public? Both are exceptionally talented, what are they missing?

Each performed solos, proving why they are part of this elite group.

Then the axe fell.

Nigel sent Chris and Ashley home.

Not surprising, neither had a great showing last night…and there are other dancers in their genres who are stepping up more than they are. Simple as that.


Are you happy with the decision? Who are your favourites heading into the Top 12?




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