Bachelorette Monday: July 11

12 07 2011

A jam packed Bachelorette last night – full of all the Bachelorette goodies the franchise has to offer.

Not only did we get a new episode, but we also got a bonus featurette: Emily’s tearful return and explanation of her failed relationship with the doomed two-time Bachelor Brad Womack.

Let’s start with Ashley and her boys.

We’re down to the final 6, how did time go so fast? Ashley is choosing her Final 4 in this episode…

First, her one on ones with Ben F are heating up. He has definitely won her heart with his wind blown, morning hair and quiet confidence. They traversed the Taiwanese countryside in a moped and Ashley is very comfortable around him. Apparantly. She kept him until morning. Ooolala.

In her one on one with Ryan (totally excited, totally hyped, totally thrilled, totally…awesome!) Ashley found out JUST how passionate he can be…about…everything. I’m sure the editors worked their magic, but Ryan went on wuite the rant about water tanks and energy efficient solar coolants…or soemthing like that. I tuned out, so did Ashley. Ryan didnt make it past that date – he was sent home for ‘lack of connection’. He was bummed, but not defeated. This guy is the living embodiement of Rob Lowes character in Parks and Recreation. Just sayin.

Next, there was the always awkward group date with Ames, Lucas and JP – taking old fashioned wedding pictures. Sigh. Could these dates get any more tacky? JP was already having some jealousy issues from Ben F’s overnight with Ashley, and he addressed them with her. Ames is…. unique. You can tell simply from his clothing choices. But, he is a little charmer, and I think he stands out a bit when in a group. He’ll be an interesting one in the Men Tell All. Lucas is a southern gentleman who hasnt gottena lot of screentime. I don;t hink Ashley is thrilled about him being married before. It’s obvious that it’s an issue, because she brings it up EVERY time they talk.

 In the end, JP got the rose for confessing his feelings…

At the Rose ceremoney, Ashley selected her final 4, leaving out Lucas.

The Final 4 are:

Ben F


I don’t really want to get into a discussion about Emily and Brad. She doesnt need to explain herself, and she doesnt need to re-affirm his good character. It’s unneccessary, and shame on producers who think that every couple should feel obliged to give us ‘updates’ on their status.




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12 07 2011
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Bachelorette S Last Night…

[…] untryside in a moped and Ashley is very comfortable around him. Apparantly. She […]…

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