America’s Got Talent: Group 1 July 12

13 07 2011

The LIVE shows kicked off on last night’s Americas Got Talent.

Finally, we are in Hollywood and the top acts are set to hit the stage for America’s vote. AGT is back! I have to admit, I found the auditions stages exhausting this time around…. much better to tune in for the ‘good stuff’ – that is, I assume if the judges have done their jobs right, we will only see really great acts…right?

We’ll see.

Last night we saw some good performances from the likes of the Miami All Stars, The Fearless Flores Family, even the comedian J Chris Newburg (it’s a tough crowd for a comedian).

The standouts were the Russian Bar routine, kicking it up a notch by adding…fire! Echo the talking parrot was a riot, although arguably not a million dollar Vegas act. The little girl that sings always has promise…but we’ve seen enough of them by now, right?

Some acts were a bit useless if you ask me… Sqonk Opera bombed, Dezmond Meeks went for cornball, Fiddleheads were a disappointment with their song choice. Some groups just didnt rise to the challenge.

I’m hoping next week will bring out the ‘fight’ in some of these acts, maybe it was just a weaker group.




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