SYTYCD: Top 12 July 13

14 07 2011

The Top 12 had their last dances as partners on last night’s SYTYCD.

Bitter sweet. Because some pairs have absolutley blossomed together, yet the time has come to see each dancer as an individual.

So let’s get to last night’s dances (plural…they danced two numbers each). Joining the panel this week was Modern Family’s Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He was amped up. Like super fanned out. It was at times a bit…much. But nice to have a true watcher of the show on hand.

Alexander and Sasha: were originally one of my favourite pairs, but have recently lossed connection with the audience. This may change once the pairs are split, because I think Sasha has the true star potential, where Alexander may be the weak link. Last night they danced a controlled, powerful Paso that had the judges giving luke warm praise. Their second dance was a Jazz number to ‘That’s Life’ that was more in their element, and received better judgement. They could be in some trouble tonight, just a hunch.

Tadd and Jordan: I’m not sure who the bigger star is in this group, but I tend to think Tadd might be the one with the most potential to ‘shock and awe’ as the weeks go on. Last night, they hit the jackpot with a Travis Wall piece about a vulture. It was dark, quirky, and Travis-Wall-esque. Judges raved (no way). Their second dance however, was a mess. I think it was a Broadway number, I think, but the costuming was a dog’s breakfast and so was the choreography. Not a great way to finish for the pair.

Ryan and Ricky: I don’t know what to say. Ryan has the credentials of a fantastic dancer, and all the right stuff to be a contender, yet….I’m getting nothing. Last night they couldve absolutely KILLED a Broadway routine based on Breakfast at Tiffanys…but it fell flat. Then they had a Cha Cha that only Ricky showed up for. Strange, and spending the past 2 weeks in the bottom, I’m not the only one who feels this way.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: Are a strong pair, but often have forgettable dances. It will be good to see these two apart for the audience to connect to each of them as individuals. Their first dance a was a Hip Hop dance with a social awareness moral. It didnt come across very well, it looked un rehearsed and the meaning was not delivered. Not sure if it was the choreography or the dancers. They turned it around in their second piece, arguably the sexiest dance all season (tame compared to SYTYCD Canada…just sayin) Caitlynn rocked a garter and stockings like nobodys business.

Melanie and Marko: Here’s a pairing that was made in Heaven. The two of them have ying/yanged eachother from the very first show, and it will be sad to lose that chemistry. Their first dance was a Louis van Amstel (DWTS crossover) Tango. It was fast, rhythmic, and OMG the ending! There was a move I’ve never seen in my life… a flip under the legs and back into a final pose. Unreal. Their final piece was also a knockout, a contemporary. It was stunning, beautiful and understated. Probably the dance of the night.

Jesse and Charise: Another one of my favourite pairs that will be a shame to break apart. They are such a dynamic duo. Last night, they danced a lyrical hip hop about a girls insecurites. Jess turned into a B-Boy, and Charise was beautiful. IT worked way better than I thought! Their last dance was a high flying, fast-tempo Jive… and do you think Jesse tore it up? Oh yes, he did. This kid has such a career in Broadway, in his element and Charise has kept up with his energy all the way through.

A great show last night, I was thoroughly entertained. Next week, some all-stars join the Top 10 dancers…and it’s every man for himself now!




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