SYTYCD Top 12 Results: July 14

15 07 2011

I am usually a fan of SYTYCD results shows, then I realized, I’m a fan of brevity and connected entertainment. Last night on SYTYCD, the entertainment did not connect with the results or the show in general. Jesse Tyler Ferguson was back on the panel (…?) and Nicole Sherzinger who is neither a great singer, nor a great dancer shook her booty and sexy walked all over the stage. This is not what I want to see on a dance show that prides itself on talent, talent, talent. “The future of dance” even. I like seeing the profession ballet, dance schools or the Tap routine they had on last night’s show…but cut out the pop singers pushing their new albums in our faces. Enough. And by the way, did you catch the Pussy Cat Girl connection again? There’s something I’m missing…

Now that I’m finished my rant… let’s get to the results shall we?

Kind of a big night – those who make it through, are part of the Top 10 and their lives will change forever. (Think tours, all-stars of the future, roles in Adam Shankman movies)

In the Bottom 3 were Mitchell and Caitlynn, Ryan and Ricky and Sasha and Alexander.

Not surprising.

The judges decided that after 3 stints in the bottom, Ryan was the girl to leave the competition. An obvious choice I think.

For the boys, the judges took their oppotunity to boot out the weaker dancer in a strong pair…. Alexander.


Anyone else tired of the hour show packed with useless enterainment? How about the results, anyone surprised about the outcome?




One response

26 07 2011

The awards show is pointless! And i am suprised by alexander ahah

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