Bachelorette July 18: Home Town Dates

19 07 2011

It’ everyone’s favourite episode of the Bachelorette…the Home Town Dates!

It’s like the makeover show on….every other reality show. For some reason, the home town date show has become the most anticipated show of the season.

Ashley visited the home towns of her final 4: Constantine, Ben F, Ames, JP.

Let’s start with Constantine:

I never understood why he was sticking around so long. aybe it’s the editing, but this guy hasnt had much to say, nor much excitement to offer the show. Ashley, we get it, you like long hair..! But last night, we got the chance to see Constantine in his element. He showed off his restaurant, they made some pizza, and he took Ashley home to meet the parents. Cutest moment all night was the snooping waitresses at the restaurant – too funny!

Next, Ashley went to see Ames.

Ames is a character, he is a tough nut to crack. But I think, he is super intelligent and looks at the world very differntly than most people. Ashley, likes to think she is the ‘same person’ as Ames… but Ashley doesnt add anything to any conversation she has with him, she just lets him be whimsical and use big words while she looks at what she’s eating, nods her head and laughs intermittantly. The girl is not the same person, they arent even in the same universe at times. I think Mes and his family were clear, this is an interesting guy with alot of pain in his past…if she’s not serious, she shouldnt string him along. I’m not entirely sure why Ames tried out for this show…it seems  inauthentic for his nature.

Next stop, Ben F in wine country.

That’s right, the scruffy, mild mannerd Ben F finally got to show off his beautiful winery in California. This guy lives the LIFE! He is more than just a good head of hair. They had a romantic picnic in the vineyard, and their conversation is very comfrotable and fluid. Ben then takes Ashley to meet his mom and sister, and they all talk about the pain of losing his father. Why do all the guys have father issues? I’m impressed with the closeness of his family, and the obvious value he puts in the relationships with the women in his family.

lastly, hometown with JP:

For a girl who loves a mop-head, she is equally loving JP. He  has planned a ‘teenage dream’ date at a rollerskating rink. Very cute. Then, he takes Ashley home to meet his family, and extended family – they are all nice, and all ask very deep questions which was refreshing. JPs mom fianlly came right out and asked “how do you have feelings for 4 guys at once?” Ashley of course skirted around the question awkardly, but the editors made it end well with a hug from the mother. JPs brother asked how serious it was, and if he would be rady to propose at the end… the answer? Yes. Wow.

Ashley is a cute girl, with a bubbly personality. But beyond that, I don’t see a reason for all of the families to dwell on how perfect she is for their son. She did not have any meaningful conversations with family members, she talked mainly JUST to the mothers/sisters… did NONE of these families question: job status, stability, goals, family – or how about the failure rate of the show in general?!

Anyways, at the rose ceremonyAshley eliminated Ames.

The final 3 are: Constantine, JP and Ben F.





2 responses

19 07 2011

Has anyone noticed that when Ashley is uncomfortable or nervous, she moves her mouth around and bites her bottom lip. All too obvious when she was with Ames. He is far too good for her and the connection is not there. too bad, he is a special person who needs someone as intelligent. I’d love to see him meet someone just as good. Nominate him for the next Bachelor.

19 07 2011
C Sheppard

I totally agree – she is uncomfortable around him because she lacks the intellect. That’s my opinion. She hides it by laughing alot, and biting her lip 😉

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