SYTYCD Canada: Top 20 July 18

19 07 2011

Did you watch the Top 20 perform on last night’s SYTYCD Canada?

Favourites are already starting to emerge, in my opinion.

Jordan and Joey are the pair stealing the spotlight every show, and last night they continued their amazing run with a fantastic chracter-driven jazz routine. The night was theirs again.

We also saw some stand out performances from Lindsay and Christian. Lindsay is a girl to watch, she has all the makings of a star about to skyrocket in this competition. Their contemporary routine was a bit hit, and although Lindsay was the ‘stand out’ Christian is a ballroom dancer who kept up the entire time with ease.

Shelaina continues to shine every week, and is one of those exciting versatile dancers that go very far in competitions liek this.

There was some raunchy Hip hop (Rodrigo and Lauren) and even ‘swaggier’ Dance Hall (Boneless and Carlena) – edgy performances that challenge these dancers, and make the Canadian version of this franchise a must-watch.

There were some weak moments in ballroom, a snoozefest Hustle, and  some mediocre jives… but overall, the judges were impressed by the night of dance.

Elimination/results show tonight… Top 20 will become Top 18.




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