AGT: Group 2 July 19

20 07 2011

The second group hit the AGT stage last night.

I was expecting a HUGE step up from last week’s performances… and I wanted someone to emerge as a favourite.

But sadly, I was disappointed AGAIN last night! What’s the deal? Where are the YouTube worthy performances that take the nation by storm and become viral classics? I’m not seeing the fire. I’m not seeing the talent shine through the production. I blame the production as much as the performers. Good singers are forced to incorporate background dancers, corny performance ploys and toys, and distracting choreography.

Last night, there were some mediocre and plain awful acts.

Rhinestone Ropers? Terrible. (The horse was cute, but useless)

Bieber-look alike? Forgettable and off-key

Country singer? Bland, vanilla, sleep inducing.

Gaga Singer? Kitschy, totally off on musical timing and pitch.

Comedian? Not funny. period.

Magician? seriously lacking.

Sister singers? Painful. Painful.Painful.

Attack dance crew? not in million years worth a million bucks.

So the acts of the night for me, were the Smash Bros. simply because something very bad almost happened to the guy lying on the floor under the flying bikes…close call!  Aerialist Steven Retchless who was mesmerizing in his routine. Lastly, the group that literally stole the entire night was the Silhouettes– reenacting iconic American scenes. Very cool, I’ve never seen anything like it…worth a million bucks? Maybe. Worthy of a show in Las Vegas? Absolutely.


I can’t even see 4 groups making it through to the next round, I could maybe send the top 3, but everyone else was so lacklustre it was embarassing.





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