SYTYCD Top 10: July 20

21 07 2011

The Top 10 performed on last night’s SYTYCD… paired with All-Stars from the past, the dancers stepped it up this week and proved why they are in the running for America favourite dancer.

let’s face it, there isnt a BAD dancer in the bunch.

There isnt a weak dancer in the bunch.

So the decision will likely come down to who lands the best choreographer each week, who performs the heck out of the piece they are given, who makes the judges scream and hollar their praises, and who connects to the largest audience.

Hollywood’s Man for Every Event/Occasion Neil Patrick Harris joined the panel. Surprised? Me neither.

Let’s get to last night:

Starting with Marko– He was paired with Chelsea Hightower of DWTS fame, who started on this stage a few seasons ago. THey were given a fast, intricate and hip-defining Samba. Marko was in a great pairing with Melanie up til now, but tonight, he broke free and showed his strength as an individual. He is charasmatic, strong and puts 100% into every dance he’s given. He has a chance…watch out.

Jordan – paired with the perfect picture of dance,  Brandon. They were given contemporary, and Jordan was forced to grow up a bit to dance with such a strong partner. And she did. I have personality issues with this girl, but she CAN dance, and last night, she danced at the same level as her All-Star. She will be stretched in this competition, and it will be interesting to see if her youth impedes her art.

Caitlynn – and Pasha (swoon) took on a steamy, sultry, slow moving Tango. I’m with NPH, I never like the tango because it’s too slow, rarely has a storyline and can be hard to judge. This tango, however, I got. It was super sexy, there was intricate movement and passion between the two dancers. IT was great, great great. I still dont know, how the voting public will judge the performance, Tango is always less exciting than a Jive.

Tadd– shocker, got paired with Comfort for a Hip Hop routine. I would rather have seen Tadd jump into a Jive, Quickstep or Jazz routine… I feel like the reason he is a contender is because he puts his own style and energy into dances outside his genre. But he was definitely in his element here (a relief from previous weeks!) and delivered a strong Hip Hop performance.

Sasha – lucky girl, was paired with a perrennial favourite, Twitch. What a cute couple! This pairing was genius and the choreography was equally amazing. They did a throw back, old school Hip Hop as a couple in the 60’s (70’s?) who had fallen out of love. It was fun, bright, fresh and totally character driven – right int heir wheelhouse. Sasha is back on top after this performance…

Jesse – had an unbelievable solo, and was paired with Kathryn for a contemporary routine. Jesse is not a big strong dancer, he has the body of Gene Kelly… therefore the core strength and upper body abilities that a contemprary routine requires is a tough challenge. He was able to perform these moves and inject the passion he brings to every dance. He can do anything, but his forte lies in the performance-driven routines, so hopefully he’ll get on next week!

Melanie– paired up with Pasha pulling double duty tonight! Not that I mind. Melanie has been the leader of the talent pool all season long, and even after splitting from long time partner Marko, she proves that her talent is unstoppable and that she can shine as an individual. Their contemporary piece was stunning. Beautiful, and expertly performed. By far, she is the strongest dancer on the stage this season…that doesnt necesarily guarantee a win.

Mitchell- was parired up with Melody for a Tyce Jazz routine. It… was confusing. There was a ‘storyline’, but it wasnt evident. The choreography was all over the place, and he danced it with too much ‘try’…it came off insincere and forced. Not a great way to start the Top 10 journey for Mitchell, I think he’ll be a bottom dweller tonight.

Ricky – was paired with Alison for another Tyce Jazz routine. This one was better than the previous attempt, but I still didnt LOVE it. Ricky is a strong dancer, but I find I forget about him almost every week, and this piece didnt stand out for me either. He could be another bottom-dweller tonight.

Clarice– ended the show with a Bollywood joined by Robert. Question. Why would they give a Bollywood piece to this dancer, when everyone else basically got a routine in their element? It seems unfair! Also, as much as I like Bollywood for it’s excitement and flambuoyancy…I still find it hard to judge. It’s difficult to compare Bollywood to a Waltz or a contemporary for example. It was a great way to end the show though!




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