SYTYCD Canada: Top 16 July 25

26 07 2011

The Top 16 took to the stage last night on SYTYCD Canada – but with new partners!

oooo shake up!

And SYTYCD Canada original, Nico, graced us with his presence on the panel… I’m liking this already.

Let’s get to the dancing, shall we?

Christian and Jordan – Paso

Jordan is a favourite working her way to the top and Christian is a ballroom dancer, therefore he was the perfect partner for this dance. The entrance was the most dramatic opening picture I’ve seen in a dance thus far… Christian dragging Jordan onto the stage by his long black cape. Unbelievable. They were the picture of fire, strength and intensity.

denitsa and matt – contemporary.

Quick question: is it hard to dance in leather, studs and chains? Because they did. There’s a certain style of contemporary that I find particularly hard to connect with, and that is the flinging and flailing style. There were arms everywhere, legs everywhere and leaps transitioning into ground crashing. It’s just not my thing, but they did a good job of the choreography given to them.

kevin and carlina – Hip Hop.  

Carlina has been lucky. SHe hasnt had to stretch herself too much yet (imagine her in a waltz?) Once again, she got a piece that highlights her hip hop abilities and strengths. They were  tight, in-sync, but didnt have a lot of connection. Stylistically, bang on. But Carlina stole a little bit of the spotlight being so comfortbale in this element.

Lindsay and Shane-  disco

Disco is a hard one, because it is virtually a ‘dead dance’. No one dances disco anymore unless it’s on a movie set, or a SYTYCD stage. Hard to judge, like Bollywood. I think they did a good job, they were totally out of breath by the end and it was certainly exciting to watch the fast movements and serious lifts! They also kept it authentic, which is nice to see.

Adam and Geysha – Jazz

Ok, who raided my 1990’s closet? Sorry, the dance was inspired by Sailor Moon or something…right? Odd. I’m not a fan of dancing in the dark with glow int he dark clothing… it doesnt help the audience connect to the dancers, see their expressions, or see their movements very well. I don’t think Blake gave these two a very good chance with this piece.

Julia and Francois – Mambo

First of, there are probably less than 4 people in the WORLD that could wear the outfit Julia pulled off. Unreal. The mambo was sick. Even as a person who isnt an expert…that was an awesome dance! It was fast, precise, sexy and showed off the talent these dancers have. Let’s hope the audience connected with a ‘ballroom’ dance.

Shelaina and JP – Bollywood

You know how I feel about Bollywood. I love it, but I find it hard to compare with other dances. Tonight, however, I really really enjoyed the dance. I saw some variant elements, and the character was present. Both of these dancers have the star-potential to be contenders in this competition, I dont see either of them going anywhere anytime soon.

Boneless and Teya – Crump

I feel like Crump is particularly difficult for girls. It requires testosterone, and animalistic attack of every move. Teya, was able to stand her own and keep up with the intensity of Boneless…that is a serious ‘plus’ of her performance. I still want to see Boneless tackle an argentine tango or waltz…then we’ll really see how versatile he is.

Melissa and Joey – Contemporary

Joey lost his power-house partner in Jordan, but the lucky duck picked up Melissa…. and he hasnt lost a step. THis team is anotehr great pairing, and this dance was absolutely the dance of the night. This is the kind of contemporary I enjoy, built around a small idea and danced with whimsey and pure emotion. Beautiful.


Top 16 becomes Top 14 tonight on the elimination show….




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