The Bachelorette: Final 3 July 25

26 07 2011

We have reached the final 3 on this season’s  Bachelorette.

Was this what you had in mind?

The Twins (Constantine and Ben) and JP fly to Fiji to ‘fall in love’. But they arent the only ones. In a stunning twist (if only hasnt been used and overused by this farnchise every season…) Ryan returns to have one last chace with Ashley. When did she start calling him ‘Ry’? Just wondering.

Anyways, Ryan gets a free trip to Fiji to spend a few days ‘waiting for a kncok on the door’. Life is tough.

Ashley starts her week of dates with Ben F, who is seriously falling for her and wants to tell her. Guys love to talk a big game, but when it gets down to it…all aof them are scared to death of saying the L word. They have a nice date, go yachting, go scuba diving, have dinner. Oh right, then get to spend the night together. Imagine if he HAD told her he loved her?

Next, Constantine tries to pick up where he left off… but isnt fooling anyone. He does a great job of digging a massive hole and dying in it. Hint: saying you havent felt the urge to hold her hand, kiss her or open up… not getting you anywhere. Also, saying that he wouldnt mind if his buddy Ben F got his girl… equally damaging. This was not a great day for Constantine, and it didnt end well either. At dinner, he rejected the ‘overnight’ stay and decided there was nowhere else to go in this relationship. He left. For good reason – the man wasnt feeling it, why would he force another 8 awkward hours out of the girl?

Before we get to JP – Ashley delivers the final blow to Ryan. I never liked Ryan particularly, I always felt like he was ‘too much’ to handle…but his sincerity in his last ‘hurrah’ on this season made him a contender for the Bachelor next season. Seriously. The guy mustve gotten some acting lessons, or the Producers coached him, or the editors did wonders… I dont know. But believe you me, they have their man for next season… and this was the ‘ to be continued’ storyline they were looking for.

Now, Jp’s date– More boating, more private island-ing, more staring off into the sunset and the future fo the relationship-ing. JP has this thing figured out. He isn’t concerned with other guys, he isnt whining and kavetching about being chosen or not… he is confident and that is a super turn on at this stage in the game. JP isnt leaving without his girl. He’s a fighter. But even with all that ‘fight’ in him, he still hasnt said the big L word. No that it mattered, of course, they take it to the bedroom at the end of the evening.

The Rose ceremony is completely unecessary and anti-climatic – but Ashley fills 25 minutes with comparison notes, date recaps with Chris and a big long speech about the imporatnce of really wanting and accepting her ‘rose’.

Surprise surprise, both men take it.


Tune in on sunday for the Men Tell All (or some, a few things, nothing we dont already assume…)




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