AGT: Group 3 July 26

27 07 2011

I’ve been waiting for Americas Got Talent to really deliver this season. So far, the ‘talent’ has been hit or miss really. Last night, Group 3 took the stage… would here be a few stand out performances?

Summerwind Skippers– I had a group come into my elementary school when I was 11 doing the same thing. I thought it was very cool then, but I highly doubt that I would spend money to watch 90 minutes of it. The Blue Man Group could hire them to do a 5 minute set in their show, but it can’t stand on it’s own.

Sh’Boss Boys – I don’t get the name. I also think that having children on this show makes it very difficult to be honest as a judge. No one wants to say the obvious: I can’t understand waht your tiny voices are saying, and you will not headline an act in Vegas as a 6 year old rapper. You might make it onto the Ellen Show. Cute, but not a true contender.

Mauricio Herrera – I’m still confused by this man. He can’t sing or dance – yet he calls himself the ultimate performer. No, I think Bette Midler has you beat Mauricio. I won’t talkt oo much about him, I don’t think he is for real, and I’ll eat my hat if he makes it any further in this competition.

Seth Grabel – the Illusionist. I actually stunned myself by SEEING the ‘trick’ in his illusion. But that ruined it for me. I hope he has better ‘stuff’ because I love a good illusionist, although, they never seem to get many votes in this type of forum.

PopLyfe– The tween band with a killer front-woman. They were great last night, very enetertaining and professional. But Piers said he was looking for the point of the band…and I thought, more than ever, they were irrelevant last night. I mean, the lead singer couldve been singing with ANY back up band behind her and killed it.

Ian Johnson- YoYo ‘artist’. I love this stuff. This is the stuff you DONT see on American Idol. But i find myself asking how a YoYo artist could fill an entire 90 minute show. There are only so many tricks that will truly WOW an audience, and he jammed them into a 30 second slot. one dimensional, and probably not worth a million bucks.

Landau Eugene Murphy – The Sinatra singer. I remember loving this guy, and so I was hoping to recapture my initial surprise when he opened his mouth. And he delivered! He sang Fly Me to the Moon, a classic. His voice is such a throw back to good old American Standards and Crooners, what a talent. Wathc for this guy, he has the ‘it factor’ to do well in the later stages.

Purrfect Angels – I feel like a group of really hot women decided they needed to come up with a telent to show off their…assets. This group is formed by a bunch of ex-cheerleaders who consider themselves dancers. A useless act really, I have nothing better to say than that.

Monet- Singer. Another child singer, oy vey. She was, fine. She crakced a bit under pressure and had some really bum notes. It was cringe-worthy at times, and again the judges struggled to criticize her efforts. Not even in the same league as most of the other acts to be frank.

The Captain and Maybelle – A sideshow act. Its hard to describe their act – but there are lots of heavy and dangerous objects, hanging from body parts and dangerous contraptions that could be suicide if used incorrectly. It’s hard to watch, but hard to turn away. A very cool act, and it has the potential to grow intoa full show.

Lys Agnes –  Opera Singer. Well,  I had high hopes for this one, but she didnt totally deliver as I had hoped. The thing about Opera, is that even if you are slightly off… it can be a trainwreck. Last night, Monet missed a few notes here and there and didnt have a stand out moment in her performance. I was really hopping for more.

Professor Splash – Tell us he is attempting to break a record of diving from 36 ft into a pool only 12 inches deep. Now you’ve got my attention! And of course, he did it! What a spectacle, what an act this guy has… a fantastic way to end the show!





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