AGT: Group 3 Results July 27

28 07 2011

The 3rd group of Quarterfinalists received their results on last night’s Americas Got Talent.

I’ve been underwhelmed all season, so I was seriously hoping that  the few standouts from last night would make it through to create a stronger semi-final pool.

Here were the results:

The first group brought to the stage was: Purrfect Angelz, Ian Johnson and Summerwind Skippers.

None advanced. Thank goodness.

The second group was: POPLYFE and Landau Eugene Murphy Jr

BOTH made it through! Whew…

The Third group was: Mauricio Herrera,  Captain & Maybelle, Monet and Lys Agnes

Opera singer Lys Agnes made it through. (Thank you America)

The last group was:  SH’Boss boys, Professor Splash and Seth Grabel

The judges chose Professor Splash to take the last spot. 

So Professor Splash, Lys Agnes, PopLyfe and Landau Eugene (the bests of the night) all made it to the semi-finals. A good group overall.





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