SYTCD Top 8 Results: July 28

29 07 2011

I was dreading the SYTCD Top 8 Results show last night.

At this point, I have invested so much time with each performer, and I look forward to seeing them rise above every week.

Last night, I knew I was going to be disappointed, no matter what happened!

The Bottom Two girls were Caitlyn and Jordan.

The Bottom Two guys were Tadd and Jesse.

The two dancers eliminated were: Jordan and Jesse.

So,  those of you who have been following my blog know that I wasnt a huge fan of Jordan, but I was infact, a huge fan of Jesse.

 I felt like he was dealt a bit of an unfair hand last night – he didnt get a dance style that particularly suited him as much as some of the others. His contemporary was good, but not the most memorable contemporary dance of the night. His rhumba was totally out of his element, and not a particularly well choreographed piece.

Jordan was a surprise to me, because I felt that she outdanced Caitlyn last night, and she has been a judges favourite from the start. So, although i wasn’t her biggest fan, I felt that the decision was a bit of a headscratcher.





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