SYTYCD Canada: Top 16 August 1st

2 08 2011

I am always excited to watch SYTYCD Canada on monday nights (especially now that Bachelroette is over…)

Last night, each dancer selected new partners… again.

Francois and Lindsey – hip hop

Luther coined the term ‘swag-bots’. we’ve reached a new hip-hop lingo low.  The piece was an “Alien hip hop” although, it kind of reminded of an MTV or VMA performance circa 2001 – when futuristic was ‘cool’. It was a good way to start the night, but I think the best is yet to come.

Shane and Jordan– contemporary

Nico has officially become the Travis Wall of Canadian SYTYCD. He choreographed the first Amy Winehouse tribute (definitely not the last). He choise a great song : it was sentimental, a romantic throwback. Dan Karaty is right, we are starting to see a truly professional level of dance.

Geisha and JP – House

Why were they wearing Karate clothes? I think the dancing was weak. I’m getting a little bit tired of the French Bieber-kid sticking around and underperforming. This was not a great dance in my opinion. 

Kevin and Shelaina – Contemporary

Finally. A dance that was memorable and portrated the angry/raw side of the Adele classic, Rolling in the Deep. It was a story of pain, betrayal and struggling to forgive. Great piece, perfect pairing, expertly executed.

Melissa and Christian – Tango

You know how I feel about the tango. It is slow, and gets lost in other high-flying, emotional dances in this competition. However, last night Christian and Melissa KILLED a tango with huge lifts, fast footwork and steamy passion. It was awesome, and I hope the voting public was just as impressed.

Yulia and Matt– Quickstep

Just because your feet are moving fast, doesnt mean the dance is good. That’s the probkem I had with this piece. It was fast-paced, but there was no connection between the pair, there wasnt a storyline persay, and it lacked substance overall. Not the best…

Denitsa and Joey – Salsa

A hot, authentic salsa… and seriously, is there another person in the world that can rock hot pink jeans and dance a sizzling Salsa like Denitsa? Wowza. Very well danced, the technique was perfection….and I mentioned the pants right?

Carlena and Adam -Theatre

Ended the night with ‘Kiss of the Spider woman’ – and Sean Cheeseman either lucked out, or desisgned a piece with these dancers in mind. Carlena looks exactly like a spider woman – her dark angular a features, her bug-like movements… very fitting. It wasnt the dance of the night, but it was odd and unique enough to keep them in it.




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