The Bachelorette Finale : August 1st

2 08 2011

I’m sure you’ve all heard the result of last night’s Bachelorette finale.

There’s no use subjecting you to a full recap before telling you that JP was the  man Ashley chose.

Last night, both met her family (more on that later), both proposed (the most awkward 15 minutes of TV all year)… but only one walked away with the final Rose.

I am a pathelogical critic, so in my opinion when ‘reality tv’ seems too scripted, it probably is. When it seems too ‘real’, it probbaly isnt. That’s why last night was intriguing to me, particularly the storyline about AShley’s sister. When she met JP,  she was certain, without a doubt, and after 2 questions that JP was not right for Ashley. She said he was too mature, and that Ashley didnt act ‘herself’ around him. Actually, what she was saying was that Ashley is still too young to have an identity, to be in a committed relationship and to be married. That’s really what she was saying. and isnt that was Brad said about her before she got the boot? Arent her ‘insecurities’ the ones all 13 year olds have? Just sayin… I think her sister was being realistic about her sister, not about the choice in man.

Of course, Ben walks in and the whole room changes. Ashley does silly voices, Ashley jumps around, Ashley laughs louder than any person ever should… we are left believing that Ben would fit right into the family – especially if the opinion of family is as important to Ashley as she says it is.

After one more date – it is time for the Neil Lane infomercial (yes yes Neil. your rings are sparkly, and you know women so well that you can even coach the guys on their love life as they choose a ring)

As I said, both men proposed. Ben was so sure of himself, that he got right down on his knee and popped the question. (I’m sorry, what kind of sick producer allows that to happen?!) to which Ashley says nothing, just asks him to stand up…and tries to heal the gaping wound she just inflicted. She says things like ” I care about you so much, I want you to know how hard this is, you are the most interesting guy, seriously”. His reaction was very real – if she was sure about her decision, why allow someone to fall so far?

But you can’t ask that question without getting the production team involved. Why would anyone be so cruel as to lead two men to propose, with the intention of rejecting one of them? Because it’s a TV show. This would not happen in reality…the last time it happened was in a bad rom-com. It’s set up to be so…because we can’t get it anywhere else on TV. And that’s why we watch.


What are the odds this one will last? I can actually see it…I can. I think the franchise might’ve just landed a new spokes-couple.




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