SYTYCD Canada: Top 16 Results

3 08 2011

The results for SYTYCD Canada last night were not at ALL what I expected.

Probably the biggest upset in SYTYCD Canada history.

Here’s why.

There were obvious standouts last night… those people were all in the bottom three. Jordan, Shelaina, Kevin, Joey, Shane and Denitsa.

They were all the best of the best last night, and yet, they all landed in the bottom?! Really…consistently the strongest dancers of the competition, and all of them are in danger.

2 had to go… and in the end, the judges stunned me AGAIN by eliminating Shelaina and Kevin!
Probably my favourite pair of the night.


You know how I feel…



2 responses

3 08 2011

I’m not sure if the viewership has dropped or people are not phoning-in as in the past but the couples selected for the bottom was disappointing and confusing. I use to think that Canadian viewers were more thoughtful than the American viewers. After last night’s result, I may be forced to reconsider that opinion.

3 08 2011
C Sheppard

I definitely thought we were more savvy.
There are always people that make it further than expected, but really… last night was a complete shocker.

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