AGT Quarter Final Results: August 3rd

4 08 2011

The last Quarter final round is complete, and last night, the results of the last 3 acts making into the semi-finals were announced.

Again, it was not a very strong showing in this round. But when the pool is shallow, the creme rises to the top. It becomes pretty obvious who should advance.

Last night:

Taylor Davis, Avery and the Calico Hearts, Frank Miles and Fatally Unique came to the stage.

Fatally Unique took the first spot.

The next group was Zuma Zuma and Yellow Design Stunt Team.

The only obvious choice: Zuma Zuma advances.

Next, the choice is between  Scott Alexander, Sam B. and Team iLuminate.

Is it even necessasry to group these people? iLuminate into the semis.

Lastly, The judges were forced to decide between King of Kinetics, The comedienne, and the Juggler.

The judges choose… The Comedienne (Melissa Villasenor)!

Therefore, the final acts joining the Semi- Finals are:

  1. Fatally Unique
  2. iLuminate
  3. Zuma Zuma
  4. Melissa Villasenor








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