The Bachelor Pad Premiere : August 9

9 08 2011

The Bachelor Pad is back people. The seedy underbelly of the housewife’s Bahcelor franchise. Some may argue, a much better show. Yikes…I can’t believe I said that.

This is not a great show. It doesnt have a point. It doesnt have strategy, nor is it really a ‘game’. The concept is weak… but who watched 3 hours of it last night riveted by the drama? Me. and You. Admit it.

So now that it is right out in the open… let’s talk about it shall we?

There is no lack of storylines to follow here. Let me list just a few…

1. Vienna/Jake/Kasey – Tabloid-loving Vienna is back, newly dating ‘Guard and Protect Your Heart’ guy, and who walks in? Jake Pavelka, the pilot turned reality star back for another run. There is a lot of awkward drama in this triangle. Oy. Vienna cant speak when she’s within 10 feet of Jake, Kasey pretends to be a man, but also can’t speak or even be around him for more than 5 seconds… and Jakes is dilusional enough to think he can mend the relationship. So entertaining.

2. Vienna/Gia – Yes Vienna again, this girl is trouble. Back in Jakes season, Gia and Vienna went at eachother frequently… now they get to share a house, and feud over Jake’s sincerity on camera. What strikes me, is that Gia (arguable the most attractive woman to ever grace the show with her presence) is on Jakes side telling people to give him a chance, his only true ally. Jake, on the other hand, is THAT guy. The guy who, for whatever reason, can’t see that and is fixated on Vienna… he is choosing Vienna over Gia over and over again. The girl has the same problems we all have… the guy that you invest time and energy into, but can’t get him to realize it.

3. Michael/ Holly – I don’t remember Holly, but I do remember Michael from Jillians season. Apparently they have been engaged, then broken up, then back together, and now…. in limbo. From the previews, theres going to be a lot of tears over this relationship status… get ready.

Some other ‘infamous’ characters are back too…

Rated R, Michelle ‘crazy’ Money, Ames, William, Princess Erica… it’s an all-star cast if there ever was one.

So last night, There was a lot of focus on the Jake/Kasey/Vienna triangle and the Jake/Gia relationship. In the challenge, Vienna was sure her new BF was stronger than her old BF. In the end, Jake WON the challenge by hanging onto his aprtner longer. Kasey was isntantly immasculated. You know what sucks more than losing to Jake? Getting berated for your manhood by your GF on TV about it. OUch.

Anyways, Jake and his partner Jackie had dinner in Hollywood and were given an extra rose to keep someone else safe from elimination that night. Should be obvious right? Save your friends? Jake decides it would be a GREAT outstretched hand gesture to give the Rose to Vienna.


He goes back and forth with the idea, even tells his BFF Gia… who is conpletely appauled by the ‘strategy’…as she should be. Doesnt matter, he gives the rose to Vienna…some things never change.

The other contestants flounder to make this a ‘game’ and create a ‘strategy’ – alliances (the oldest trick in the reality show book) are formed.

At the Rose ceremony, Gia and Kasey narrowly missed elimination and Justin Rated R and Alli were sent home on the first night.






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9 08 2011
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