AGT: Youtube August 9

10 08 2011

It was Youtube week on AGT last night – always popular, always a bit of crapshoot of talent.

Considering theses acts have not gone through the 3 tiered audition process, and are hitting the stage for the first time – I never have super high expectations.

Last night, however, was no better or worse than the previous quarter fianl groups – some good acts, some totally ludicris performances, and some completely unmemorable.

Here were the Highs and Lows of the evening:

Highs… a select group:

Cloggers – very talented bunch, totally insync, differnt form the other dance acts on this show. The drawback is that we’ve actually seen cloggers on this show before, so it’s not entirely unique,and may not be anough to put them through.

Gabe Rocks – The uber-talented bulldog. Need I say more? This dog absolutely made my night. But he wasnt just a pretty face, he rode skateboards, mounted a rocking horse, went through obstacles and had a sense of humour. Yes, a sense of humour.

Kevin Colis- singer in a tough field. He has a nice voice, but he didnt really show it off with his Bruno Mars song. I wouldnt mind hearing more from him, but he was a highlight of the night.

Beth Ann Robinson – dancer extraordinaire. Very young, so I’m not sure if she’s a true artisits that can put together and sustain a Vegas show, but she had a very cool performance last night – ballet/Hip Hop.

Gymkana – If tehre was no Zum Zuma, I would be more impressed with this group. They have great control, use tall ladders to balance on and do garvity defying movements. They were among the top acts of the night, but like I said, there are other acts in this competition with a similar style and appeal.

Lows… and there were many:

Brett Daniels- the boring illusionist.

Aeon– the cocky beach B-boy act.

Breena Bell – the too-young premadonna who loves to dance.

Kalani– the useless baseketball twirling act.

West Springfield Dance– another dance troupe.

Cyclist– another trick cyclist, been done.

Powerhouse Choir – There are at least 10 choirs in every city better than this group.

Maybe the pool was smaller this year, or maybe the producers were being safe trying to find the ‘next big thing’… but this show was boring and chalk-full of acts we’ve seen before. Young dancers, bicycles, acoustic singers, acrobatics, dance groups.





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