SYTYCD Finale: August 10

11 08 2011

The SYTYCD Finale show is one of my favourite shows of the year – it combines all the elements of a great evening. TRUE Talent, TRUE competion, TRUE Entertainment.

Last night, the Top 4 battled it out on stage for their last chance to dance for the title.

The format calls for each dancer to dance with every member of the Top 4 and an All-Star…. so they were on the stage quite a bit! It’s hard to pick a clear winner, because each had a stand out dance, and each had a less memorable dance…enough talk,  let’s get to it:

Melanie with Marko: Disco – Why disco on the last night of performances? The style is tired and dead. It’s supposed to be a party dance, but it comes off as cheesy smultz with no real content. No slight ont he dancers, they did well… but there was nothing to hold onto with this dance, nothing memorable.

Sasha and All-Star Mark: Contemporary – In the past few weeks (since the ‘Wall’ dance) choreographers have focused on her ability to ‘rise up’ ‘challenge adversity’ ‘battle through the pain’. Did Shasha have a tragic backstory we don’t know about? How did they come to this conlcusion? At any rate, she was Sasha the Warrior Princess in this dance and showed her dynamic strength once again.

Tadd with All-Star Joshua: Hip Hop – This was not a finale-calibre dance. It was a regular, run of the mill Hip Hop and I dont know who to blame… the dancer or the choreographer. Tadd was given no character, the steps were fairly standard and it lacked…content and emotion. Too bad for Tadd.

Melanie with All-Star Robert: Contemporary – That’s right, give this girl a conetmporary and watch her knock it out of the park. She is beautiful in every way. Her form, her lines, her passion. This is the Melanie that could walk away with the title, this is the Melanie we’ve been awe-struck by all season.

Sasha with Marko: Jazz – This had the makings for a very good routine. Unfortunately, the dancers didn’t really show up for this one. The characterization was not strong or developed, and that will ruin a Jazz piece faster than a popsicle melts in Texas.

Tadd with Sasha: Cha Cha – Mark Ballas making his move into the SYTYCD world… and it was not a great first step. The choreography was intended to be ‘edgy’, but it came across as clunky and confusing. Two very strong, adaptable dancers, but the choreography let them down. Kenny Ortega delivered a stirring Pep Talk, and the dancers were challenged to come back guns blazing in their next dances.

Marko with All-Star Lauren: Contemporary – The fact that Lauren was crying as soon as the dance began gave this piece the emotional kick start that lasted through the entire dance. Marko proved his worth with this routine, he proved that he is definitely the strongest male in the competition and that a girl may not just ‘walk away’ with the title. He is still in it, and his backstory and emotionally charged performances will give him a clear shot.

Melanie with Tadd: Jazz – Great dance. Probably my favourite of the night…seriously. Right from the first beat, Melanie’s character was sassy, strong and never broke from beginning to end. This dance showed us that Melanie is not only a powerhouse dancer, she can take on a totally new character with gusto and…perform the heck out of it!

Melanie with Sasha: Contemporary – For some reason (don yell at me) I feel like this dance didnt work super well. Here’s why. I think it is hard for choreographers to create a dance for two women where a) it doesnt come across as overtly sexual b) it doesnt feature one over the other c) it doesnt assign roles. So I found this to be a GREAT display of dance, but the story and the emotional factor were not present. Does that make sense?

Marko with Tadd: Step – The boys needed to outperform the girls… but they did not. I dont know that it wouldve been any different is the dance style were switched – the girls probably wouldve killed this number too. Not that the boys didnt lay down a solid routine, but I just feel like the girl sowuldve hit it even harder.

Whew… Thoughts? That’s a lot of dancing!

Predictions? I don’t think Tadd has a chance, and I think Marko will come in third. It’s a duel between the ladies in my opinion… has been for weeks.




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