Bachelor Pad Monday: August 15

16 08 2011

Yes, week 2 of the Bachelor Pad, and I’m still watching. So are you…right?

Week 1 did a great job of setting up the awkward drama between Kasey/Vienna and Jake. Week 2, had some of the most awkward exchanges in television history.

Vienna won’t talk to Jake unless Kasey is present, and then when Kasey IS present….she says nothing, and Kasey ‘guards and protects’ her. People better be careful of this guy. His confidence is growing, and as a result, he is ballsy enough to play Godfather of The Pad, but diluted enough to think that he doesnt need to hide it. Bad combination.

The first ‘challenge’ was won by Michael and Melissa.

Melissa (not showing her true psychopathic traits just yet) chose Blake, Kasey and Kirk. All three men look eerily similar, anyone else notice that? At any rate, Blake ‘the snake’ reveals that he will literally be willing to ‘whore’ himself out in order to get the rose (you know what they say about Karma…) So he makes out with Melissa, who totally falls for it and gives him the rose.

This bites him right in the rear later as he is trying to get comfortable with Holly, and Melissa wanders around the house like a nervous puppy until she finds him. Remember I said tehre were some really awkward exchanges on this show? Here’s one. The girl you made out with just to get a rose walks in on you and the girl you ‘really’ like in bed, and sits on said bed until other girl leaves then cries uncontrollably. Yep,  really really awkward.

Michael’s date was confusing. Who ‘OK’ed the decision to host the date in a haunted mansion? Lame. Ridiculous. BUT, it did provide the backdrop for one of the most real moments on the show. Michael and his ex-fiance Holly finally had their moment alone to talk about teh state of their relationship, and why it didnt work out. It was actually pretty touching. Did I really say that?

Jake seems to be the only one scrambling at this point. Not that it ended up mattering, the ‘game’ changed with news from Chris that only females would be going home last night.

Can we stop for a second and point out that, this is not a ‘game’. there are no rules. They make them up as they go along so that they can create new drama, and so that they can give away money for ‘winning’. This is not a game, Snakes and Ladders is a game. Tag is a game. This is a semi-scripted reality show to fill a void on Monday nights in the summer.

So back to Elimination. Gia is so upset that her ‘friend’ Graham tattled on her to Kasey, that she freaks right out , packs her bags, and leaves. I should hate Gia, she cries too much… but I think deep down she is the person she says she is… kind, a little bit naive and far too emotional. The fact that people would ‘stab her in the back’ proved to be too much for her. Gone.

Looks like Ella is on the chopping bloack, but at the Rose Ceremony Jackie is the one left standing. She leaves get into the limo, and in a cute twist… Ames jumps in the back with her saying that Love finds you in the most unexpected places. Cute! They didnt really focus on their relationship much, they werent half as exciting as Kasey/Vienna/Jake… but I ehar those two are still together and very happy. Bachelor Pad success story!





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