SYTYCD Canada: Top 12

16 08 2011

The Top 12 came out in fine form on last night’s SYTYCD Canada, and dare I say, favourites are starting to emerge!

Good timing too, because the dancers that make it through this round will be members of the Top 10… kind of a big deal.

Lindsay and Christian: Samba

A great pairing, particularly for this dance where Christian was in his element and Lindsay is such a strong female partner. Both look poised to be in the Top 10 next week, and even further after that…

Melissa and Adam: Contemporary

A beautiful piece choreographed by a new wife to her husband. It was danced to perfection by the pair who were not really on my radar until tonight. Blake says that Melissa could out-dance Melanie from SYTYCD… not sure, but great to see such dynamic dance superstars stepping up in this competition.

Denitsa and Matt: Hip Hop

The hip hop on SYTYCD Canada is weak. I’m not sure why. But I find that it is doing a dancer disservice to give them unmemorable hip hop numbers without a whole lot of substance. In this case, the choreography was mediocre, and so was the execution.. it made for a subpar performance onverall.

Yulia and Shane: Jive

You can almost hear the collective ‘sigh’ form the dancers when they pick this dance from the hat. I don’t know why, I personally LOVE the jive/Quickstep dances! But historically they prove to be unpopular with voters and take alot of physical energy and training to ‘master’ it. Shane and Yulia, however, pretty much killed this dance. It was far superior to the previous Hip Hop number, a more popular style… so we shall see how voters weigh in.

Geisha and Joey: Afro-Jazz

Exactly the kind of thing I tune in every week to see. Something unique, something different, something entertaining. From costume to make up to choreography… this was a great dance. These two are favourites in my book – both extremely versatile and strong.

Jordan and Fracois: Contemporary

Jordan is a strong contender for the title in my opinion. She is a beautiful dancer with serious technique and emotional equivilence. She powers through a contemporary like no one else on this show and her passion is written in every step she takes. Solid dance, very memorable and as long as voters dont forget about her…she will see the Top 10 and beyond.

and that’s that.





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29 08 2011
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