AGT Wildcard Round: August 16

17 08 2011

Last night, the chosen Wildcards got their second chance on the AGT stage.

I understand the concept, giving people a second chance. I get it. But it only works for me if the acts chosen to represent themselves again are worthy in the first place. These acts were a repeat of what we’ve seen from them in the past, that wasnt enough to get them any further in the competition.

The Youtube round makes more sense to me, these are people who didnt get the chance to audition and are given a chance, The Wildcards HAD their chance, and unless something major changed in their acts… it’s the same old story on a different night.

At any rate, here’s who we saw last night:

The Kinetic King – he might be my exception. The poor guy had a dynamo act that went very very wrong last time. An epic collapse. He needed redemption and he got it BIG time.

Funny Little People – Thought you’d never see them again? wrong. I hvae mixed opinons about this act… I get it, but I don’t love it.

Avery  and the Calico Hearts – Avery and the Chipmunks performed the same, out of tune, tween-song and dance routine they were ousted for in the first place.

Charles Peachock – Uh oh. He dropped one of his juggling swords. Still one of the more entertaining acts of the night.

Shevonne – judges loved her, but I bet if they watch it back they’ll hear what I heard. Very out of tune.

J CHris Newberg – Comedian, actually pretty funny. Way to take on Piers ‘Roast style’.

Seth Gabel – cocky magician. But really, I’ve seen a million times before… ‘look, theres nothing behind me! Cue fire! Now there’s a car behind me”.

The Fiddleheads – bluegrass group. Judges absolutely ripped them a new one for their cover of Billie Jean. I didnt hate it, but the judges opinion matters to voters.

West Springfield Dance– another dance troupe, but I enjoyed their creative interpretation of Marilyn Mansons Beautiful People… it was like the Monster Mash meets The Joker.

Landon Swank – the’ Other’ magaician. This guy, however, looks more like Houdini than Criss Angel… which is refreshing. He escaped from a small vat of water in front of our eyes.

Yellow Designs Stunt Team – More BMX bikers. Not much more to say, theres room for one of those acts, but not two…and the other act might be slightly better. And the Pirate costumes were confusing.

Summerwind Skippers– nothing has changed. It’s a skipping group – it’s high energy and entertaining for 2 minutes, but drags after the initial awe wears out. They have as good a shot of moving forward as any, particularly with this rounds level of competition.


The only acts I saw IMPROVE from the last we saw them, were the Kinetic King, Landon Swank and perhaps J Chris Newberg. I can predict that The Kinetic King will move forward… but after that, it’s really anyones guess.





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