Bachelor Pad: Week 3 August 22

23 08 2011

It was Bachelor Pad monday – the drama continues.

Jake is still at the house, so are his Ex Fiance Vienna and her new beau Kasey. Plotting every minute of every day to take him down. Kasey, just punch him already, I’m sick of hearing you talk about it. You’ve buffed up so that you can truly ‘guard and protect’ – so instead of sitting back and watching Vienna ‘hurt’… DO something.

Not that I condone violence.

The challenge (“challenge”) was a synchronized swimming routine. Immediately, the girls decide they will be better usited for this since they were all cheerleaders in highschool (shocker! Did you really see any of theose girls as band geeks?) and of course, Vienna was on the swim team so… all that training on wednesday mornings 15 years ago will fianlly come in handy.

It didn’t. The boys blew them ALL out of the water… btu since the judges were forced to pick winners from both teams: Michael and Michelle were the rose-holders in the end.

Michael won’t quit. He takes his ex fiance Holly on all of his dates, and it always ends the same way: “why did we break up?”. If that question is not answered by now, it needs to be put to rest…life is too short. There were two other girls on that date, but it didnt matter. Only he and his mainsqueeze got to enjoy the Brett Michaels ‘concert for two’.

Back at the house, Jake has a new friend. The Princess. She is starting to do his dirty work, running around picking up stragglers as votes.

Michelle’s date was uneventful. She took her new crush aside for an awkward school girl moment :”i like you” . Graham looks like a nice guy, but he, a late twenties man, did NOT know how to deal with this conversation. He was looking away the whole time, he was giggling, he was mute… so he deicded just to end the awkward oreal with a kiss. Men… sigh.

That was NOT, however, the most awkward moment of the night, That award goes to Kasey singing an acapella love song (that he had no doubt written) to Vienna. Youve heard how he talks, well…that’show he sings.

Ok,  the Rose Ceremony. Really, it’s between Jake and Kasey (surprise surprise). Did Jake get enough votes this week? Nope. Jake is eliminated from Bachelor Pad – but not before vowing that he would take others down with him. Interesting way to set up the next episode.




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24 08 2011

As a big fan of Bachelor Pad, it’s unfortunate that the time slot is terrible with my schedule so I’ve been using to keep up with it. It’s one of the many benefits of being an employee and subscriber of DISH Network. Although there is a great deal of content available to non subscribers too. Check it out at:

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