SYTYCD Canada: Top 10 August 22

23 08 2011

The SYTYCD Canada Top 10 dancers took to the stage last night – and now it is starting to get tough to choose just one favourite.

I have, however, been able to… sort of.

Last night, it made it asefully hard, each dancer approached their dances with a renewe intensity and level of compete.

Mambo: Denitsa and François: A great pairing for this dance, both dancers looked to be in their element and started off the show with a fast paced, lightening speed mambo with class and style. However, it was a mambo… not traditionally the highest voted dance by an audience of 13-17 year olds.
Contemporary: Lindsay and Adam: A bit of redemption for Blake McGrath who hasnt been nearly as poetic and inspired this season in my opinon. This was a beautiful and strong piece danced to it’s 110% by the dancers. Both are ‘in it to win it’ and stand a good chance after tonights breakthrough.

Hip-hop: Melissa and Shane: I’m not loving the hip Hop on this show this season. Sorry. I think they need some fresh choreographers to shake it up a bit. However, Melisss and Shane danced the heck out of this number… but was it enough?

Contemporary: Yuliya and Matt: This was a contemporary piece choreographed by the rising star Sabrina Matthews. She may be tough, but she inspires strength and precision. Great dance, great choreography perhaps even better than the first contemporary piece of the evening.

Jazz: Jordan and Christian: I told you I had favourites. Well, this week my two favourites were paired together in Jordan and Christian. Cutest couple ever, and also… serious serious dancing machines. Jordan is a powerhouse, Christian matches it in quiet masculinity.

Fore me, Jordan/Christian and Yulia/Matt stole the night …





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