AGT Semi Finals: Round 1

24 08 2011

Last night on Americas Got Talent, the ‘best of the best’ from the quarter finals, Youtube and Wildcard round hit the semi final stage.

By now the talentless have been weeded out by democracy…right?


Let’s get to last night’s performances:

Zuma Zuma – one of my favourite acts from the quarter finals, this team of nimble afro-acrobatics is a crowd pleaser. I agree, it was slower than I wouldve liked, but the actual stunts they were performing were….huge.

Beth Ann Robinson – tween-dancer. Normally, I would roll my eyes at the sound of that, but this girl definitely has a mature talent. I don’t think she has a chance of making it any further, but good news for her, only a few short years and she’ll be on SYTYCD.

Russian Bar trio – what a disaster. Oy Vey. This was the high flying, death defying totally unique Bar act that blew us away in the early rounds… tonight, they sang badly and performed mediocre aerials. just…bad.

Kevin Colis – made it through from the Youtube round. I wasnt sure about him in that round, and i’m in the same boat tonight. His voice is, ok. He chooses songs that are upbeat and light which doesnt show off alot of range. I dont think he’ll be back.

Matt Wilhelm – Glow in the dark Trick Cyclist. I get it, it could be good, but I didnt enjoy it. It was cool for like, the first 8 times he spun around. After that, it gets old… and it didnt help that he missed a trick and fell flat on the floor.  Costly error.

Poplyfe – teen singing group. Ok, anyone who knows me knows this… I hate tween/child acts. Particularly with this prize on the line, they don’t excite me, they don’t connect with me, I am never a fan. However, I am loving this little group of art school misfits! They did Come Together, and I dont know WHO arranged it, but it was fantastic!

West Springfield Dance – need to change their name. Sorry. It’s not memorable, and they ARE! This si the creepy dancing zombie act… and they could come up with a ghoulish name to fit, but I never remember them until they perform. A different dance act, very unique… not sure if it’ll fly with everyone voting.

Melissa Villesenor – comedienne. I laughed! She had SPOT on impressions of Wanda Sykes, Sarah Silverman, Christina Aguilera and Shakira. This is a super talented girl… her abilities are insane. Try, just try to imitate a SINGER liek Christina to perfection. Amazing, I hope she continues…

Team iLuminate – human light board. They are definitely an act that could draw a crowd every night! They could pack any theatre in Vegas tomorrow. Last night, they recreated a video game… it was…a geek’s delight. So cool, so entertaining, what a show!

Daniel Joseph Baker – strayed form singing Gaga and took on Adele (no , not Rolling in the Deep…thank goodness). This kid, looked like Liberace, but sings like no other male power singer I’ve heard. Unreal. HE is why other singers like Kevin will not stand a chance…if anyone should make it through for voacls, it’s this guy.

Miami All Stars – the dynamic dacne troupe from Miami. They have so much energy, so much showmanship, so much entertainment value. It’s almost hard to watch, because there are SO many of them, and double the amount of feet moving at the speed of…dance!

Lys Agnes – Opera singer. Took on Evanescence and truly did ‘bring it to life’. Lets be honest, that song is old….but it has the potential to hot a home run if sung by a great vocal performer. Lys Agnes has the chops to slay any song…and she definitely did that last night. What a way to end the show!




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25 08 2011

I think the Miami All Stars did a piece that was adequately long which was refreshing since a lot of the other acts typically don’t last very long. Howie comparing them to Team iLuminate was brilliant and Piers thought it was his favorite performance of the night. Way to go Miami All Stars. I can’t catch the show when it’ son live so I just pick it up on a computer when I have a chance because it’s on I don’t even have to log into my employee DISH account to watch because anyone can use

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