DWTS Cast List Leak!

29 08 2011

I know I know, we are supposed to tune in tonight to Bachelor Pad for the full reveal of the DWTS cast.

But I came across the leak early….

If you’d rather wait, stop reading. But I can’t hold it in.. this is going to be the motherload of DWTS casts… I am more excited for this cast than any other previously…the creme de la creme of D-listers!

TV lawyer  Nancy Grace

TV “personality” Kristin Cavalleri.

Actress and TV host Riki Lake.

Singer and actress Chynna Phillips.

Soccer player Hope Solo.

George Clooney’s former girlfriend Elizabetta Canalis.

 Actor David Arquette.

The male Kardashian, Rob Kardashian.

Actor Ryan O’Neal.

Actor J.R. Martinez.

Writer and activist Chaz Bono.

LA Laker Ron Artest.

Rumour has it Chaz will have a female partner because…’he’ is now technically a man. I have also heard rumblings (no pun intended) that Queen Latifa and/or Snooki have been signed up. I will have to wit for the official annoucement tonight but…

This list has it all : sports stars, reality stars, big names, former big names, old, young

what I love is what ISNT on the list: Disney stars, Bachelor cast offs, ex pop stars, people with obvious dance experience/ability etc.

It’s a great list. No?




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