Bachelor Pad: Week 4 August 29th

30 08 2011

This week on the Bachelor Pad, we took a refreshing break from the Jake/Vienna/Kasey conflict, and focused on the…other people in the house. There are a few. Jake leaving was their ticket to some time in the spotlight.

In particular, to fill the void of drama left by the departure of Jake – the ever depressing saga of Michael and Holly reared it’s ugly head. Remember, Holly left Michael at the altar, they got back together, and Michael called it off because of trust issues. Now, everytime they are together…that’s all they talk about: the good ole days when we were in love, then you dumped me.

The question ‘where do we stand?’ and ‘what are we?’ seem to be the real issues. It’s an issue for Michael, because Holly has found the passion and spark in a new man’s eye… Blake the  snake.

Michael, maybe your tactic of having tearful heart to hearts isnt working. Because, Blake took Holly on a one-on-one date and they had a lot of fun without you.

Another thing stacked against Michael – the reason Blake took Holly on this date was because he WON the kissing contest. Another TV classic. On the girls side, Ella won the lip-locking challenge and took Kirk on a romantic date in a hot air balloon. Classic bachelor moment.

At the rose ceremony – the only real drama came from Melissa (the scorned) stomping around the house trying to blame the world’s troubles on Blake.

This however, did not make her any friends. Melissa eliminated tonight, along with William.

There is nothing more unattractive than watching someone do the ‘ugly cy’ in the back of a limo – and this is the money shot Bachelor fans wait for all night. Melissa, waterworks and life-ending misery over being eliminated. Gold.



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