AGT Semi Finals: Group 2

31 08 2011

Last night, one group left to perform, one shot left at making the finals on Americas Got Talent.

In arguably th emost entertaining show all season, the second group of semi finalist took the stage and made it a true race to the finish line… now it’s a competition!

Here’s how it went down last night

Kinetic King – has to start off the show, beacuse it takes him weeks to set it up, and 30 seconds to tear it down. I love this act, I think it’s unique and surprisingly captivating. I do not, however, think that the ‘performance’ last night did much to convince me that this act could sustain a 90 minute Vegas show.

Fatally unique – needs to rebrand. They are no longer ‘unique’, nor are they rough ‘n tough enought o be ‘fatal’. Sharon brings u a good point, what’s the deal this year with ‘angry’ acts?

Landon Swank – This magician is bringing more to the table than any other competiting on the show. His performance was ultra professional, super slick, and totally mesmerizing. He’s got a shot.

Gymkana – Things were not looking good when Piers X-ed this gymnast group within the first 10 seconds. Things got even worse when one of their members caught on fire jumping through the ring of fire ending the performance abruptly. Yikes.

Summerwind skippers – taking a page out of the Fally Unique handbook, decided to darken their performance and go for the angry skipping approach. Interesting. I like the group, I liek how versatile they cann be and I can actually see this sustaining a full length show…but with all the other talented acts competiting against them, I don’t think they have a prayer.

Snap Boogie – the street dancer, took things a little too ‘Vegas’ for me in this performance. He started off with an etherial mime, then went into a cheesy upbeat ending that seemed completely out of place. It was a scattered performance, he tried to ram in everything he could do… and it missed the mark.

Ana Graceman – She’s got a great voice, and she has all the confidence in the world (insane for someone of her age and experience!) I always forget about this girl, until she opens her mouth and blows me away.

Steven Retchless – the male pole dancer. He was right in his video package, other people have started to incorporate pole dancing into their acrobatic routine, making him virtually obsolete. This was evident in his lacklustre performance… we’ve seen it all, there’s nothing new.

Smage Bros- the stunt bikers. I get it, it’s dangerous, it’s loud… but i can tell you that at every spring fair or county festival, you’ve got guys pulling the same stunts every year. It’s not the most unique act ever, but it’s got the ‘you could see a mistake and someone could die’ factor that never seems to get old.

Professor Splash – lives and dies ont he build up… because his entire ‘act’ is a 2 second fall. You know it’s coming, it’s not going to change…that’s the act. You can only go ‘higher’ and ‘shallower’ to make it more dangerous, and he did. So, now what?

Landau Eugene Murphy – could also use a bit of a name change, frankly his name wears me out! But kidding aside, this diamond in the  rough is shining amazingly bright on this stage. He is astonishing. His voice is a beautiful throw back to Sinatra days, and they are called ‘the classics’ for a reason… people do not tire of hearing them sung well. This guy has a very real chance of winning this whole thing.

Silhouettes – are one of the more intriguing acts in the competition. A dance group that forms iconic silhouettes… this time, however, we needed to see something amazing and it fell a bit short. Their previous silhouettes were so breathtaking, last night it was just… mediocre.

Who will advance?




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31 08 2011
AGT Semi Finals: Group 2 | Private inforation Network

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