Bachelor Pad Week 5: September 5

6 09 2011

The Bachelor Pad is surprising me this season.

In it’s sophomore year, it is maturing in intrigue, throwing away the facade of a ‘competition show’, rowing into it’s own unique identity.

I say this because, I am finding it more and more interesting to watch this show ona  regular basis. There is A LOT going on, it’s more involved than a soap opera, and has more interconnected storylines than Inception (one of my favourite movies, kind of sad that I used it to compare to the Bachelor Pad… sorry Chris Nolan)

At any rate, we continue to follow these storylines:

1. Michael can’t contorl his tears every time he sees Holly

2. Holly can’t control her flirting everytime she sees Blake

3. Blake has been working long and hard on his teeth, and they are finally paying him back.

4. Ericka is a sesame street character, or just a street walker. I can’t tell.

5. Kasey and Vienna have absolutely nothing in common and are quickly becoming the least interesting pair in the bunch.

6. Michelle and Graham are kind of perfect for eachother, and dare I say, Michelle is also quickly becoming the MOST sane and ‘together’ girl in the house… when did she stop taking her crazy pills?

So for some quick highlights of last night’s episode

The couples play ‘The Nearlywed Game’ which is so eloquently described as ‘the newlywed game, but no one is married, so it’s not’. perfect.

Couple have to answer questions about eachother, the only ones who were smart enough to figure out a strategy pre-game, ended up winning. This is the easiest trick in the book. Pick a number, pick a girl, pick a boy that you use iny our answers everytime. It’s not fair, but it works.

Michelle and Graham get the roses.

Ericka and Blake also get a date, but no roses.

If the dullest moment of the entire episode was Graham and Michelle’s movie date (a movie trailer for an upcoming romantic comedy I dont want to see) then the most entertaining moment of the night was the Erick/Blake date.

The best awkward moments happen on this show, it’s golden.

Ericka needs some action. She’s GOT to have some action. It’s like a compulsion. The scary part is, I actaully felt bad for Blake (just in this moment). This woman was basically forcing him to have sex with her – not taking no for an answer. You could see him looking around for producers to intervene… the woman was inches away from performing leud acts on TV. Terrifying. He finally stands up for himself and gets the heck outta there…

They also receive roses to save one other couple upon their return.

Instinctivly they go to the Godfather and his concubine. I mean, Kasey and Vienna. They strike a deal that will ensure them another week on the Pad…although, I don’t know why they would want to risk another date like the one they just had…

However, even with that ensurance, they did NOT escape elimination!

That’s right, Blake the Snake flashed his teeth for the last time, and Ericka could finally get home to civilization – where men want to sleep with her all the time…they even pay her for it.




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