AGT Top 10 : September 6

7 09 2011

The Americas Got Talent Top 10 hit the stage hoping to land one of only four spots in the Finals!

This show is a marathon, from auditions to the group stage to the finas… it’s an investment in time. In doing that, however, we have seen these acts perform many times, giving the sudience a really good idea of who they are and what they will deliver. It is also crucial in this stage, to bring something ‘new’ without it being completely  divergent from what people expect. You have to ‘take a step up’ without falling off the edge… it’s tricky, but the ones that master it, are the ones that succeed in this kind of competition.

So let’s get to last night

Miami All stars – the large latin dance crew, decided to become a completely differnt act last night. They did a cheerleading routine that wouldnt have won any competition and did not show us anything other than a mess of people on stage dancing in formation. Wrong wrong wrong approach. Next.

Lys Agnes – I know I’m supposed to like this woman, I know she’s supposed to have incredible talent… but everytime I hear her voice, I cringe a little. It’s not pleasant. Particularly last night when she warbled through an Aerosmith classic. Yikes.

Landon Swank – is defying the magician curse on this show. He is fantastic! Last night he packed a wallop into a 2 minute set that was like watching a dance. He is so calm and confident in his abilities that it comes across as brilliant showmanship… he’s the greatest thing to come out of Alaska since… ?

Anna Graceman – the little girl wih the big voice (seems like there’s one every year), but this girl doesn’t make me crawl as much as some in the past. I don’t think this is HER time, I think this girl could continue on in years to be something BIG, but this is not the vehicle for her. What does she need a Las Vegas show for? She needs an album and intelligent producers.

Silhouettes – I have been mesmerized by this group from day 1 – even though they didn’t have athe BEST semi final performance, I was just waiting for them to break through. Last night, they put together a beautiful, stunning picture of a utopian America… it was exactly what they needed to prove themselves as one of the most creative and professional acts of this competition.

Smage Bros – Nothing new, or interesting. The tricks looked the same as the amateur teenagers at skateboard parks, there was no structure to the performance, and at the end they raised an ‘underage drink’ to the crowd. Very amateur. Next.

West Springfield Dance – The creepy group dancers did more of the same – at least they are unique and interesting to watch. They slowed it down a little bit tonight which less impressive visually, but their moves are cool, their costuming is the best on the show and it was leagues better then the Miami All-Stars. I don’t think theyll advance, but they were true to themselves and I find them… entertaining.

PopLyfe – have a  shot at this thing. Yes, I said it. Their lead singer is dynamite and takes on big fat risky songs…and ends up slaying them with her extreme vocal ability. The group is JUST like the jackson 5, very much in the background, but htye add needed support and ‘cool factor’ for the lead – very good group, viable contenders.

Landau Eugene Murphy – is starting to get the hang of how you showcase in Vegas. You get a full orchestra, a full backup crew, you hit the lights and the glitter… and you’re golden. He was just liek Ol Blue Eyes last night, belting out a classic with charisma and spot on vocals. This guy is great… that’s all I can say.

Team iluminate- Their act is just plain cool. They can’t do much to bum it up at this point. It was more fo the same, but ‘the same’ is always a visual stunner, can’t miss performance. They are totally entertaining, and always the BEST way to end a show…

So 4 make it through to the (final) Finals.


Landau, The Magician, iLuminate and Poplyfe. Silhouettes could slip in there too…




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