AGT Final 4: September 7

8 09 2011

Last night on AGT The Top 4 acts were revealed…

The results were as follows:

First group, Team iLuminate and Smage bros

I’ll give you one guess, one guess as to who makes it through… Team iLuminate (were you right??)

Next group, Miami All Stars and Lys Agnes

Don’t make a guess, neither of them made it through, not surprisingly.

Poplyfe and Landon Swank take the stage

Nick says this was a close one… the votes were splitting hair at 1% difference. But in the end, Poplyfe received more votes and will advance to the finals. Wow.

Next, Silhouettes vs West Springfield dance

Silhouettes on the heels of a gret performance advance to the finals.

One more act will make it,  singers Anna Gracemand and Landau Eugene take the stage. WIll it be the little girl with the big voice? Or will it be the old fashioned crooner?

Landau Eugene is the final act through!

So the Final 4 looks like this:

Team iLuminate


Landau Eugene


I love the variety; 1 singer, 1 band, 1 lightshow, 1 dance group… there is no comparison between them, so America’s final vote will be interesting.






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