SYTYCD Canada Finale

12 09 2011

Season 4 of SYTYCD Canada came to a close last night, the winner was announced and Canada has a new favourite dancer.

After allowing a ‘final 6’ to compete for the prize (a cop out in my opinoin) a jam-packed final results show was capped off by announcing the winner.

Y’know what else was jam packed? The judges table… every single person who has ever graced the panel was on-hand. The ever entertaining Mary Murphy and the elusive Mia Michaels joined the usual company of Jean Marc, Tre and Blake. It looked like the painting of the Last Supper up there… just sayin’.

It was 2 hours– so you can imagine. Lots of dancing, lots of crying, Leah trying to cry through the 3 inch thick makeup,  lots of half nakedness, standing ovations, and judges pouring their souls out for each contestant.

Jump to the resultsMatt, Christian, Lindsay and Shane were quickly given the boot, leaving Melissa and Jordan in the running as the ‘final 2’.

I have to make mention, that Jordan was my favorite female in the competition from the very beginning. So not only do I enjoy some personal satisfaction over her success… it makes my heart tingle to think that I shared that opinion with a large majority of SYTYCD canada fans and voters.

Melissa had been a judges favourite all along, and interesting how both the Canadian and American versions this season featured two girls in the final 2.

To the final minutes, and the dramatic reveal…

Canada’s Favourite dancer and the winner of some serious swag is…..


Cue the confetti!




3 responses

12 09 2011

I think you have your facts wrong. Jordan, Melissa and Matt were the final three. Melissa and Jordan the final two. Jordan did win.

13 09 2011
C Sheppard

thanks for catching it!
I found the ‘reveal’ confusing…

15 09 2011
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