AGT Finale: Predict the Winner Poll

14 09 2011

The Top 4 performed for the last time on the AGT Finale last night.

Landau Eugene sang ‘My Way’ – a perfect way to end his run on this show. So Vegas, So Ol Blue Eyes, So dramatic and enetertaining. Judging by early poll results, the majority of you think he is going to take it… will yet another singer walk away with the title?

Team iLuminate performed another crazy light show that was both mezmerising and professional. Piers is right, this is art and innovation combined and it is exactly the kind of show that would thrive in Vegas or any stage around the world. They have the WOW factor – but will audiences connect with them in the same way they connect with a singer or solo act?

Poplyfe has been tearing up the stage with songs from the BEatles, Michael Jackson and tonight, Queen. However, if audiences are judging based on last night’s performance alone, Poplyfe will not win the competition. They faltered last night … the worst time to have a rough performance. They have been proving me wrong all season, let’s see what happens tonight.

Silhouettes might have some grounds to shout ‘foul play’ – they got a raw deal last night performing last, and on the channel I was watching it on, were cut off halways through their performance. Yikes. What a nightmare for a gourp that has been captivating audiences with their unique dance style… if the rest of the country saw what I saw, it isnt enough to give them the title…

Here’s the Poll, let’s pick the winner AGT fans!

Who do you think will WIN Americas Got Talent?




One response

14 09 2011

Team iLuminate all the way.

But the REAL winners tonight will be the audience (Live and TV) after Jackie sings Nessun Dorma. I predict mayhem will erupt, just as it did after she sang it in Boca Raton and Britain’s Got Talent. ~W W~

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