AGT Finale 2011: The Winner is…

15 09 2011

Revealedon last nights finale show, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr is the winner of Americas Got Talent!

Great response on the Prediction Poll… over 60% of you accurately predicted the winner.


I’m surrised that year after year, the solo acts, and in particular the singers, are walking away with the win. Is it because people don’t connect with group acts, or that people get caught up in the backstory of specific personalities… or is it just that people like to award singers for their talent (however, there are other shows for that…)

I just find it interesting… puzzling even.

That being said, Landau Eugene was a perfect choice to win this competition, he IS a Vegas act and he DOES have the talent to be a huge star with his million dollar voice.

I was surprised that Team iLuminate was not in the final 2, not surprised that Poplyfe wasnt in the running, and then not a bit surprised that Landau won over Silhouette. Also not surprising? The amount of sheer filler they can cram into a finale show. Holy cow Batman, were they ever milking it!

Congrats to the winner, Landau Eugene Murphy Jr…. Viva Las Vegas!




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AGT Finale 2011: The Winner is…

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America's Got Talent 2011 winner is Landau Eugene Murphy Jr

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