Survivor South Pacific: Premiere

15 09 2011

The premiere of the newest installment of the original reality show, Survivor, aired for its 23rd time last night.

In my opinion, Survivor is the perfect show: drama, reality, survival, challenge, competition, a test of the human condition and Mother Natures elements.

I love it.

They hardly have to mess around with the template – last year they added redemption Island, a twist that added a new level to the game. Being voted out is not your last chance, you will face off against the next person to get the most votes in a challnge…winner remains.

The other ‘new twist’ is enlisting the help of two former Survivors, one per team, to assist and get their own redemption in this game.

This season, Coach and Ozzy are back – who would YOU rather have on your team?

Already, the teams have taken on personalities. There are the bevy of hot girls vying for Ozzys attention, theres the ‘old people’ who breakdown immediately, there’s the loud mouth rich dude, the hardworking vs the hardly working, the skinny academic, the deep south farmer that needs subtitles everytime he speaks, Russel Hantz’ meek and righteous nephew, and the lemmings girls who gravitate to the strong players  that will take them to the end…

In the first immunity challenge, it was clear that Ozzy and Coach are the true leaders of their tribe. However, a poor playing eprformance by one of the many bikini clad women proved costly… Coach’s tribe wins over Ozzys. Yellow over Red… don’t ask me what their offical tribe names are yet, too soon.

A few people were on the chopping block heading to Tribal. The older woman who had an emotional breakdown earlier in the week, the skinny academic survivor fan, and the girl that lost the challenge.

In the end, after some long winded pleas for mercy… Semhar, the weak player, was the first to head off to Redemption Island.




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