Wednesday Night TV Poll: September 21

22 09 2011

Wednesday has always been a great night for TV… however, it has recently been eclipsed by dominating TV shows on Monday, Tuesday and of course Thursday night.

This season, wednesday night is making a push for supremacy with juggernaut ratings shows like Survivor, Criminal Minds, CSI and now…. X Factor.

So what did YOU watch last night?

I actually watched most of those shows, I told myself NOT to watch the X Factor because I’m a one-singing-show type of girl.

I did tune in briefly, I think we were all curious. There has been no REAL explanation of this show and why it is relevant. I think it wouldve been ballsier to air X Factor along with American Idol to see who really reigned supreme. I also can’t really see the ‘big whopping difference’. It’s basically Americas Got Talent and American Idol with Pepsi as the lead beverage sponsor. That’s it. Simon infront of an audience isnt as good as Simon in a quiet judging room… crickets and awkward silence are much better than laughter on TV, in my opinion. Paula is a wreck. The other male judge is soupy and uninteresting. Then… the other female judge changed halfway through the show to the latest judge making her rounds, Pussycat doll Nicole Sher-I’ll do anything-zinger.

There were the same sob stories about family, the same tears over a dream realized, precocious tweens and teens, give me a chance pleas, and people acting like nitwits to get on TV.

There are at least 4 other shows that give me that satisfaction… I’m not sure that I need another.

Thoughts? Did You watch X Factor last night?

If not X Factor, what wednesday night show did you tune in to? The premiere of CSI with the new lead, Ted Danson? What about the return of Criminal Minds and the shocking twist? (pssst… Prentiss isnt dead!) or Survivor where Coach and Ozzie continue to lead their tribes?




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22 09 2011
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Did you watch X Factor? Truly spectacular! The judges were v. professional. There was developed talent. Can only get better as they refine.

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