Greys Anatomy Premiere

23 09 2011

Greys Anatomy has kept the coveted Thursday night slot, and continues to pull in great ratings.

One of the reasons I love Greys Aantomy is the quality of Television they produce season after season. Okay, the ghost story was weird, but there are some episodes that I will never forget. One was the ‘Bomb’ event post super bowl a few years back. Another would be the past seasons ‘gunman in the hospital’, or how about the ‘departure’ of George? All absolutely unbelievable and unrivaled television events.

I always look forward to premieres and finales on Greys, the writers seem to step up their game to start and end the season.

Last night was no exception.

A few epic events unfolded onscreen last night, first was a natural disaster – a sinkhole. It took a few lives, and severly injured many people. The most captivating storyline was the husband and wife who had been arguing minutes before the disaster, and in the hours to come… the husbnad was forced to ‘play doctor’ and prove his undying love for his wife. Question: would you have the strength to perform an amputation on a dying loved one? I dont know…I just dont know.

Other storylines worth mentioning:

Christina struggles with her decision to have an abortion because Owen doesnt agree or understand.
Meredith gets fired for her unethical decisions last season.
Derek still loathes her for it, and only speaks to their newly adopted baby Zola.
That relationship is also threatened when child services learns of their marital problems.
Hope’s first day as Chief Resident is a bust… basically, she sucks at it.

Cliff hanger? The Chief decides to resign and save Merediths career at the same time. He ‘owns up’ to tampering with the Trial himself, and confessing that Meredith was simply covering for him. This will save Merediths job, but likely not her marriage…yet.





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