Amazing Race Premiere

26 09 2011

Just a week ago,The Amazing Race won the Emmy for Best Reality show, just in time for it’s season premiere.

Did you watch last night?

Something that struck me was the quality of teams this time around…. usually you get a cast of characters that couldnt drive stick shift or make a sensible decision if their life depended on it. This season, it looks like The Amazing Race has put a new premium on the type of team that will contend. There are ex-football players, Olympians, the kid that sailed around the world, former Survivor winners, flight attendants (and with all the flying they do, that will come in handy!) and overall, really athletic and competitive people.

However, right off the bat… soemone loses their passport. By the grace of a Twitter-vention… the passport was returned. Really?! Nobody answers me on twitter….evne if I DID say I lost my passport, I’d get spambotted before I’d get a real person come to my aid. Something in that story seems fishy….

Survivor fans will be tickled pink to see another favourite on screen. Ethan Zohn, the nice guy who won a million bucks and landed a million dollar girlfriend the next season, successfully battled cancer and is running this race. Wow. What a story! I’ve never been a huge fan of his girlfriend, but they’ve been together now for 7 years and she has stuck with him through life/death… she must not be that bad.

The premiere kicked it up a notch by sending the teams to Taiwan to start! They had to use their heads early as the clue was impossible to find…especially since it wasnt in english, nor in it’s traditional ‘clue box’ form.

Teams lucky enough to find the clue, had to recite verses, by memory, from Confucious. What a nightmare…when was the last time you had to memorize something word for word? It’s a skill, and obviously, not everything has it!

The next task was dragon boat racing, how cool would that be? I mean, Toronto has a Dragon Boat festival, but there’s a massive difference between racing in Lake Ontario and racing…. in Taiwan.

Team number one was Ernie and Cindy, a dating couple. I’m not going to harp on the race card… but she was obviously slightly more comfortable speaking and navigating with years of chinese school in her back pocket. Hard to tell if they will be the frontrunners all season long.

You know who WON’T be on this journey much longer…. token older couple Bill and Cathi. By the time most teams were passing Phil as the finish line, They were still looking in all the wrong places for the clue. They were not eliminated, because it was a non elimination cop out, I mean round. So they escape the boot early, but will have to face a double elimination and a road block next week. I’d say their clock is ticking…




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17 11 2011
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