Battle of the Blades Season 3 Premiere

26 09 2011

Sunday night is Canadian TV night. The CBC has taken over with two shows, Battle of the Blades and Cover Me Canada that are quickly becoming must-see TV in this country.

Let’s start with Batttle of the Blades.

After an emotional precurser to the performance show last week, the first round of skaters took to the ice to get their first marks of the season. Kurt Browning makes it clear that no one will actually LEAVE us this week, and the scores and votes will be counted and added to next weeks performances. Probably a good idea, the first week is never a true indication of good, better, best (DWTS shoudl take note!)

The judges this week were, the head judge Sandra Besik, the scene stealer Jeremy Roenick and the revolving door seat went to Leaf fan favourite Darcy Tucker!

First to hit the ice was ‘May Day’ Brad May, who said in his package that he was uncomfortable with ‘choreography stuff’. Um, yah. Brad is a great skater, and had the most exciting lifts and spins of the night… but as soon as he had to ‘play air guitar’ or be charasmatic… the guy turned as wooden as a Dutch clog. He had a great routine that highlighted his speed and finesse on the ice… however, he has GOT to work on his showmanship.

Next was the blonde bombshell…Cale hulse. A man with the best hair I’ve seen since Cobain, but someone needs to tell him the mushroom cut went completely out 15 years ago. He has a lot of potential, he looks more comfortable with ‘dancing’ and movements telling a story. He is relatively graceful, and this is only week 1.  It doesnt hurt that he has one fo the best female partners in Violetta Afanasieva, this was the highest scoring performance of the night. (one minor note, the week’s theme was ‘Rock’… in what universe is Katy Perry’s E.T a rock song?)

Up next, Boyd Devereaux and his partner, newcomer Tanith Belbin. Boyd is a good looking, lean, athletic guy with a ton of potential on this show. However, last night was not a great start for him. He was slow, sometimes at a stand still. After seeing 3 seasons, there are always issues with spee early on… this will develop as the skaters get more comfortable with the equpiment (new skates) and with their level of performance.

Lastly, perhaps the story of the night… the return of Bryan Berard to Toronto. That last time this city saw him on home ice, he was brutally slashed in the eye… never to fully recover. He also became a pseudo-pirate. Did you notice that? He was hardly recognizable with his tatoos, long hair and bulky figure. Bu thte judges are right, he is exactly what is so compelling about this show… guys who were not built to be finesse figure skaters, giving top notch performances and leaving an audience stunned. Bryan rose above his injury, his sight impediment and his huling hockey player body to deliver a fantastic first skate.

The next 4 skate tonight with performances by: Russ Courtnell, Todd Simpson, Curtis Lechyshyn, and Tessa Bonhomme.




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