Battle of the Blades Premiere: Night 2

27 09 2011

Night 2 of The Battle of the Blades aired last night, and the final 4 skaters performed their first routines.

Remember, this is the non elimination round 1… so each skater will receive scores and votes that will be carried over into next week. I’m always in favour of this process, yes, it’s a bit of a cop out… but I feel like it really gives the audience a chance see the development of each skater. It is very difficult to ‘pick a favourite’ after one performance.

So last night, the rest of the contestants got their shot to perform, elimination free – and after last night’s debut, they had a lot to measure up to…

The night opened with a tear jerker – Russ Courtnall emotionally stepped in to ‘replace’ Wade Belak and has taken on his charity with sensitivity and empathy. Apparently last season, Russ skated to Hero by Nickelback, and decided to choose that song again for the purposes of remembering another fallen hero. Sandra Besik came absolutely unwound and overcome with emotion. A touching tribute, a fitting first skate.

Next, Curtis Lecshyshyn… skating with someone familiar to most Canadian figure skating fans, Berezhnya. If it doesnt come to you right away, remember the 2002 Olympics, when for a day or two the Russians had won Gold and it sparked a massive controversy that rocked the figure skating world? That was her, it was Berezhnya and Sigulutzi…. and the outcome had nothing to do with them. NAyways, nice to see her skating in this country, she is truly gifted, and she has a great partner in Curtis. His footwork and speed was outstaning for week 1, and he’s got loads of potential.

Next, Todd Simpson… another character guy. He is charming and funny, and he works hard… a winning combo. His ‘Blades of Glroy’ routine on and off the ice are making him ‘the one to watch’ for his charisma. He is also commercial, wearing a new ‘skating themed’ shirt for every day of practice… I smell endorsements! His first skate was very well executed, I think these skaters have put in more time and dedication to this routine than any of us are aware.

Lastly, Battle of the Blades history was made when Tessa Bonhomme (donning a Shania Twain-esque sexy sequined Leaf jersey) took to the ice as the first female hockey playing contestant. It does NOT hurt her chances that she is skating with arguably the most talented and well-loved pairs skater of all time… David Pelletier. They earned a week 1 high score for their performance. My only worry is that people will assume that David is carrying her, or doing more work… let’s see how she overcomes that assumption.





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