DWTS Results: Week 2

28 09 2011

Another results show on DWTS last night.

It’s only week 2, and I’m already sick of them.

You know me by now, I don’t like the fluff, I hate bringing in ‘entertainment’ to fill up an hour show that could just easily fits it’s contents into a half hour show. So, Having Demi Lovato perform and ‘Design a dance’ promos for 45 minutes isnt my cup of tea. However, I do like good suspense, and I felt this week the stage was set for some really good suspense.

For instance, I was pretty sure of the TOP dancers, but not so sure where the bottom dancers would fall. I knew the Model Elisabetta had to be in jeopardy, same with the lacklustre performance of Chaz last night and a smackering of other weaker-thans  like Nancy, Carson, Rob or David.

I was surised that Rob was not in the bottom, I was equally surprised when Chaz was not one of the bottom dwellers.

It came down to David Arquette and Elisabetta Canalis… for a brief second, I thought we were going to witness the first ‘shocker’ of the season.

But alas, the model, Elsabetta felt the red glow of defeat and was eliminated.

This was no surprise to me, I have mentioned on many occassions the latent dislike voters have for ‘models’ on this show. People would rather keep around useless (Rob) or completely unfamous (sorry, JR) than give a model another ‘leg up’ in life. It’s the truth, I’ll swear by it.




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