DWTS Monday: Week 3

4 10 2011

Now more than ever I come home looking forward to a monday night of Dancing with the Stars.

It must be the change in weather.

Or that monday always needs some glitter to make it better.

So last night, week 3 of DWTS. It is the week that the PR people enjoy the most… the week where each ‘star’ gets to tell their story. THey get to dig up old tragedies, reveal secrets, cry on camera… it’s a PR goldmine. Really, there should be a show where whoever has the ‘best story’ wins… or is it this show?

Anyways, the star each chose a song (completely on their own) to represent a memorable moment in their lives. Here’s what ensued…

Rob Kardashian – Chose Fly me to the Moon by Frank Sinatra for his late father. However, Karina slipped and told us that she had to tell him who Frank Sintra was. Classy. He is beginning to find his legs a bit, this dance was an improvement over his last two. That’s all you can ask for, now he needs some serious work on his personality… that’s a harder sell.

Chynna Philips – another tearjerker (it’ll be like this all night folks). I’m not sure if people find her disingenuine, but she could go either way for me. She is a beautiful lady, she moves with grace and purpose… she is a judges darling. She may be one of those dancers that consistently gets high marks, but could be a ‘shocker’ mid season leaving too early. I hope not, she has the potential to be very good.

Kristen cavallari – chose a Beyonce song to represent 2005, the year she moved to LA. Nice, just wait until Nancy Grace tells her baby story and JR tells his Iraq story… Bad choice. Of course, this was the perfect booty shaking song, and there was a lot of that,  mixed between other Beyonce classics and a sexy outfit. She received decent marks and will likely stick around a bit longer.. but her storytelling skills need to improve if she wants to win.

Carson Kressly – Had a great story of triump, bullied as a kid he finally felt comfortable with himself after Queer Eye. Totally relevant, totally personal…it;s not liek your outing yourself, the gay thing is the persona at this point. At any rate, this guy puts so much effort into his dancing, I am always hoping for a breakthrough. Last night, though awkward at times, he has a mini breakthrough. The Judges applauded his take on the dance and gave him his best scores of the season.

Hope Solo – I wanted a sob story from this girl, beacuse I just DONT connect with her in the least bit. She is a tough nut to crack. So instead of cracking the nut, she went ‘sexy’. Bit of a cop out I think, but she pulled it off very well…with the helps of sequins and pleather. She is a strong person and had a strong dance so it fit her personality (from what i’ve seen) very well.

Chaz Bono – using his Dad’s song was a good touch, although not exactly a surprise. The song takes on new meaning when sung in this context, but Chaz did not improve with the heightened emotional quality. The whole male dancer persona is a masculine femininity… look at Maks dance, his hips are moving, his arms are slow and graceful, but he looks like a ‘man’. This is the problem, I’m not sure whether to think Chaz looks like a man ‘dancing’ or looks like a woman acting liek a man dancing. It’s throwing me right off, that’s just my opinion.

Nancy Grace – had a touching story about the birth of her children, and of course they were there to cheer Mommy on. Nancy ‘the person’ came out a little bit last night, I’m stll not sure how she is received or perceived by the public. Her dancing is not improving at the rate I expected it to, and I think she could be in some trouble.

Ricki Lake – told a great story about finding love again at an older age. She looks like she is in a happy place, and dancing is a great way to show it. So her dance took on a whole new meaning, that’s what the back story is supposed to do! She received rave reviews and scores (9’s across the board) from the judges, putting her in the top 3 of the night. Watch out for this one.

David Arquette – has a sad story, he is living a sad story. Must be hard to tell this story with your partner and your child sitting in the audience with your sister. Hard to watch actually. At any rate, I wish he was a slightly better dance because I really think, he NEEDS this show. He did well last night, when did David get jacked? This guys body is insane,  and I never remember thinking that….

JR Martinez – his story is his life, I bet a day doesnt go by that JR doesnt have to tell his story. The guy almost died and his face was burned away. His sincerity and his strength comes through in his dancing, it is beautiful to watch. once again, he stole the night with his emotional dance and technical delivery. He is atop the board as he should be.





One response

6 10 2011
Gloria Zilch

Were Nancy’s children an immaculate conception??? She never mentions the wonderful man she is married to – only her fiance who was murdered over 30 years ago. I wish she would recognize David, who is always struggling with the twins, and trying to get them to watch their mother who is struggling to come across with “grace”. Hopefully, next week will be her swan song. She just ain’t got it!

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