DWTS Elimination Week 3

5 10 2011

The seasons first ‘shocker’ on last night’s DWTS elimination.

It’s week 3, it happens.

The obvious terrible dancers are cut off in teh first two weeks, then week 3 and 4 are traditionally weeks that ‘bubble’ weeks – where people who had ‘potential’ go home.

Some may call last night’s results ‘shocking’… but honestly, look at the situation in full context.

Kristen Cavallari was eliminated last night.

This is a girl who is considered less famous than Rob Kardashian, because she isnt related to the ‘K’ clan. This is also a girl who is notorious for being a ‘witch’ (family blog) on reality TV… like 5 years ago. This is also a girl who is young, blonde, LA-faced and had absolutely NO story to tell when given the chance last night. No story will never will you the mirrorball trophy. There was no connection with the audience, except perhaps the awkward ‘my ex finacee is in the audience tonight to watch me shake my booty to Beyonce’.

Even terrible dancers, like Chaz or Carson, know that this competition isnt all about ‘the talent’. You need either a winning perosnality (which she doesnt have) or a compelling backstory (which she doesnt have).

So, that’s my explanation for last night





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