DWTS Monday: Week 4

11 10 2011

Things are finally starting to heat up on DWTS, and last night was probably the most interesting week of the competition to date.

Not because Cher was there.

Not because 2 members of the Kardashians were there.

and not even because we saw the return of ‘Mergatroyd’!

because it was everything DWTS strives to be…. glamour, glitz, fun, entertainment, bright lights, bright personalities, live music, public humiliation, personal triumph… Hollywood.

It was all there last night.

The theme was appropriately Hollywood Music scores… which gave the production crew an excuse to jack up the glitz-factor, add musicians tot he ever expanding stage and allow ‘gimmicks’ for dramatic effect.

So let’s get to the dancing, shall we?

Chynna Phillips: trainwreck of epic proportions. Hard to watch, when the wheels completely come off a performance that has taken HOURS to perfect all week. It happens, yes. But it could be her ‘last mistake’ on this show. Normally, I would say ‘her fans will pick her up’, normally massive ‘mistakes’ are just stroylines of redemption for the next week… however, in this case, i’m not sure.

Nancy Grace: needs to work on her expressions. She has one. ONE. And she uses it as her ‘intense,serious about this dance, attacking the performance’ look, but it aint working anymore. She could be in trouble tonight, her dancing isnt great, but her connection to the audience is the real downfall. Even is her dancing improves, she will not gain fans with her icy glare.

Rob Kadashian: What I hate about ‘Stars’ is their massive ego. And Rob Kardashian has the motherload of egos. Yet, the enablers around him keep giving him ammo… ‘this dance requires you to be more arrogant’. Really, this guy needs to work on arrogance? They pretend that the role ‘fits’ and they can ‘connect’ to it… but only if it isnt self effacing. ‘I can relate to Superman, because he is quiet and nerdy… and i’m quiet (but not nerdy)’. His dancing is certainly improving week by week, I just can’t get over his personality, and that aint changing.

Hope SOlo: Good move. She had been playing her sexy soccer player card too often, this week… she danced to a cute and cuddly Toy Story song that really softened her image. The dance was fairly memorable, and she is showing versatility… I don’t predict her to be the winner, but she is a solid contender at this stage of the game. Let’s see what she falls back to next week…

David Arquette: As Indiana Jones… perfection. This was HIS role, he did very well with the dance and the character. MUCH better than last week, and hopefully he can conteinue to grow and build on this successs. Here’s a guy embracing the opportunity to get back on the ‘right foot’ and maybe clean up his public image in the process…. that’s exactly what this show is for!

JR Martinez: Skyrocketed up the leaderboard too fast… because now, he is under the microscope more than ever, and cannot ‘top’ himself every week. I actaully really enjoyed his Pink Panther routine, I thought he looked like a pro and added some light hearted personality to it. The judges, however, didnt agree. I don’t know what to say, they put pressure on the leaders early, likely because they know they’ll be around for awhile.

Carson Kressly: o….m….g. It’s Johnny Depp’s gay cousin. Who says you can’t swashbuckle in sequins? Carson is playing up his role on this show to perfection. Here’s a guy who does NOT fit the mold, so he puts rhinestones all over it instead. He is the light on this show… don’t worry, he won’t win, but he’ll provide a few more ‘talked about moments’ than someone like Kristen Cavallari.

Ricki Lake: Theres a formula to this show, if you havent noticed. The struggle and then the triumph. The Struggle? Ricki wanted to quit the dance was so hard. The Triumph? She gets the first 10’s of the season! She is now the frontrunner…and she really is one to watch. Remember, she got the People magazine cover, she has personality, she’s likable, she has Derek Hough and she is ‘a viable star’.

Chaz Bono: I’m convinced Chaz didnt go home last week because his mother was going to be in the audience this week. I am also convinced that the songs and themes for their performances are predetermined…. Rocky was the ‘perfect fit’ for Chaz’s journey. Remember? Struggle and triumph. The struggle? Chaz’s physical state. The Triumph? Running up a flight of stairs at the end of the performance, infront of  his overwhelmed mother in the audience. His dancing is not good. But he,  unlike Kristen, has a compelling backstory (and super famous mother) that will carry him further than his talent should take him.





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